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Preserving the memories of Beaver Island families is just as important as preserving the artifacts of the past. Get in touch with your roots with the help of the Beaver Island Historical Society.



Discover your family history

The Society is dedicated to collecting, restoring, preserving, and interpreting information about Beaver Island’s multifaceted past. From this comes an understanding that without you, and those who came before you, there would be nothing to collect, restore, preserve or interpret. There would, in fact, be no Beaver island history and no Beaver Island Historical Society.

Our goal is to provide information to help shape your family story.

View our new Holy Cross Cemetery Page to view some of the history available.

The Beaver Island Historical Society Historical Society genealogy research fee schedule:

  • First hour of Research: Free
  • $20/hour thereafter
  • a 20% discount for all BIHS members
  • Copying and Postage Costs: Paid by the recipient when costs are greater than $2.00

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: Please summarize your request with the following information: Name of Ancestor Birth and Death Dates Specific information requested


Thank you

We would like to give a special thanks to the Broder family for their generous pledge to our Capital Campaign. Our Genealogy room, part of our expansion, will be named after Helen Collar.