Protar's Home

Sloptown Road
Beaver Island, MI

Protar's Cabin

Feodor Protar settled on Beaver Island in 1893 and lived a simple life until his death in 1925.  Prior to coming to Beaver Island, he was a newspaper editor and talented actor wanted to change his life to undertake a spiritual quest.  When he moved to the Island he bought an old cabin on Sloptown Road, where he strove for self-sufficiency.  He did as much as he could for everyone he met, including performing medical services for those too poor or too distant for the doctor in St. James. Despite his objections, he was known as "Doctor Protar." Somewhat of a recluse, and a follower of the precepts of Tolstoy, this elderly immigrant came to be regarded as a Saint.  When he died in 1925, his admirers built a stone-and-iron tomb on Bonner's Bluff for their "Heaven-Sent Friend."

The Historical Society cares for his cabin and opens to the public occasionally in the summer months.  Please call 231.448.2254 to request a personal tour.  Our collection includes his medical ledger for the years 1915-1925, twenty-two years of Protar’s personal diaries, and books from his library.  To read more about Protar see The Journal of Beaver Island History, Volume I, pages 51-57.

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