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Program: Third Coast Conversations

Third Coast Conversation grants will support a series of statewide public conversations taking place in 18 communities through 2019 that focus on the cultural, social, historical, and environmental factors that connect Michigan’s people to their water. The project will be led by the Michigan Humanities in collaboration with their strong network of partner organizations across the state.

The state of Michigan is often referred to as the nation’s “third coast” because it boasts the most miles of shoreline in the contiguous United States, bordering four of the five Great Lakes. This abundance of water has allowed Michigan to be a lucrative place to do business and develop industry, including a booming tourism economy. At the same time, access to safe, clean water has also been a scarcity. By providing support for community conversations around topics connected to water, the goal of the project is to help more people across the state learn about issues related to water that affect their communities in the 21st century.

Program: Museum on Main Street: Water/Ways

Water/Ways is a unique exhibit that explores the essential role that water plays in our environment and society. Throughout the globe, water holds extensive cultural value as a symbol of power and force, grace and fluidity, and healing and cleansing. Water is also a natural resource that has dictated migration patterns, affected economic prosperity, and shaped communities throughout time, and continues to be one of Earth’s most defining resources. Here in Michigan, the value of water as both a human resource and a cultural symbol is both understood and treasured, and we are thrilled to be bringing this exhibit to the Great Lakes state.

A statewide Great Lakes-specific exhibit will also travel to each host location, as part of The Great Lakes Water Heritage Project, offered by The Office of the Great Lakes, Michigan Humanities Council, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Kalamazoo Nature Center, and Michigan State University. It will feature regional and local Great Lakes history, facts, and simple ways for people to be everyday water stewards. A grant from The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation to Michigan Humanities Council will support 3 years of funding for this portion of the program.

The Water/Ways exhibit will be on displayed on Beaver Island June 23 - August 5, 2018 at the St. James Township Hall. Hours: Monday - Saturday 11-5 P.M. and Sundays 1-4 P.M.

Program: Museum Week 2018/Protars

Grant Title: Beaver Island Historical Society: A Plan for the Future
Grantor: Charlevoix County Community Foundation
BIHS awarded $2,824.00 to assist with Museum Week rental use of the Beaver Island Community Center, Interpretive signage and security cameras at Protars to improve public accessibility.

Program: Digitization of Oral History Collection

A $2,300 grant was received from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation to assist with the digitization of the cassette tape portion of the BIHS Oral History Collection. The digitized collection will be made available on the internet in the near future.

Program: Beaver Island Historical Walking Tour

Grantor: Great Lakes Energy Peoples Fund
A 2018 grant for $7,352.00 was received from the Great Lakes Energy People Fund to assist with the cost of signage for a proposed historical walking tour in the downtown area.