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Holy Cross Cemetery

Explanation of Directory

This cemetery directory and map is provided to aid in locating our deceased family and friends. It has been created by cross referencing church records and index cards, the old cemetery cardboard map, gravestones, deeds and genealogy research. The lot location, names, birth and death years, as well as known spouses and parent’s names are given to help identify a specific individual. The plot map will help guide you to their locations, aided by locating the numbered signs attached to the water faucet posts found along the cemetery lane. The original map numbers remain the same, however plots beginning with a “C” were excluded from cemetery records and map, and are now added.

N.S. = No Stone (unmarked grave-site).

Multiple birth and death date discrepancies exist due to headstone dates not always matching other records. Dates shown on this directory were taken from the gravestones, whether they matched death records or not (in order to keep a consistent recording method). If grave markers do not show a birth and/or death year, those dates shown in parentheses were found in other records such as baptismal records and death certificates. The list of unmarked burials will continue to be added in the future. This information will be updated periodically to also include new burials, revisions and additional information. If you know of any missing or incorrect information on this directory, your help would be greatly appreciated by contacting Mary Beth (Greene) Nelson at mbHCCemetery@gmail.com.

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Cemetery Directory

NameDatesStoneObit Spouse Parent
260Adams, David W.1954-2016stoneobit(p. John & Laurene Wheeler Adams)
260Adams, John S. 1918-1993stone(m. Laurene W. Wheeler; p. Harold & Anna Adams)
260Adams, Laurene (Wheeler)1923-2002stoneobit(m. John S. Adams; p. Norbert & Mary Basler Wheeler)
36Amesbury, Clayton aka Joseph Everett1914-1918stone(p. Frank & Sophia Greene Amesbury)
?Antione, Mary (Thomas) -ns(d. 1941)(m. John Antione) died age 75
?Antione, John -ns(d. 1944)(m. Mary Thomas, p. Edward & Christian LaDuke St. Antione) died age 71
78Antrim, Mary E. (Bonner)1936-2013stoneobit(m. Ronald Antrim, p. Patrick & Rose Boyle Bonner)
78Antrim, Ronald E.1930-2014stoneobit(m. Mary E. Bonner Antrim, p. Clifford & Catherine Bauer Antrim)
61Archer, Charles A.E.(d. 1922)x(m. Theresa M. Archer; p. Charles & Emily Gaster Archer)
61Archer, Theresa Marie "Terri" (O'Donnell)1925-2022x(m. Charles A.E. Archer; p. James H. & Elsie Schmidt O'Donnell)
256Arden, Glenn E.1923-2013stoneobit(m. Ruth A. Plumb; p. Emanuel & Lydia Kaupp Arden)
256Arden, Ruth A. (Plumb)1925-2002stoneobit(m. Glenn E. Arden; p. Everette & Dorothy Wills Plumb)
B16Armstrong, Robert1932-2006stoneobit(m. Marjorie Martin; p. Roy & Nancy Blaney Armstrong)
?Aultman, Helen Agnes -ns(1940-1940)(p. Hubert & Mary Gallagher Aultman)
29Backus, baby -ns(1926-1926)(p. Marie Connaghan Backus) baby buried with mother
29Backus, Marie (Connaghan)1909-1926stone(m. Vernon D. Backus; p. Hugh & Katie Malloy Connaghan)
248Banghart, Margaret "Peggy" (Baker) 1921-2014stoneobit(m. Norman L. Banghart; p. Fred & Hyacinth Scott Baker)
248Banghart, Norman L.1921-2007stoneobit(m. Peggy M. Banghart, p. Lee & Laura Coe Banghart)
251Banville, Robert M. "Bob"1942-2016stoneobit(m. Joan LaFreniere, p. Robert & Mary Louise Bolly Banville)
254Bass, Mary Margaret "Muggs" (O'Donnell)1939-2016stoneobit(m. Robert Bass, p. Frank & Nellie McDonough O'Donnell)
B20Bearss, Carole (Vertican) -ns(1944-2022)obit(m. John H. Bearss, p. Carl & Annette Englert Vertican)
B20Bearss, John H. -ns(1944-2013)obit(m. Carole A. Vertican, p. David & Elida Johnson Bearss)
B30Beaudoin, David L.1944-2009stoneobit(m. Linda Kaye Taggart, p. Lyle C. Beaudoin & Edith Rey Cooper)
?Bebamaway, Simon -nsborn in Good Hart, died at age 87 on February 21, year of death not listed
A2Becker, daughter -ns(p. Alfred & Patricia Becker)
251Becker, Philip C.1954-2018stoneobit(m. Joan LaFreniere; p. Ray & Marylin Becker)
5Belfy, Alice (Johnson)1887-1962stone(m. William A. Belfy, p. John & Hannah Boyle Johnson)
5Belfy, Erwin1924-1989stone(m. Emma Jean Eathorne, p. William & Alice Johnson Belfy)
5Belfy, Merrill W.1919-1962stone(p. William & Alice Johnson Belfy)
153Belfy, Paul E.1911-1911stone(p. Erwin & Lenore Allers Belfy)
5Belfy, William A.1890-1966stone(m. Alice Johnson, p. Erwin & Rose Kane Belfy)
?Beshimini, Elizabeth -ns(d. 1910)died age 20, native of Garden Island
42Bestman, Marcella1903-1951stone(p. William & Agnes O'Brien Bestman)
B7Bonadeo, Eugene M.1921-2012stoneobit(m. Josephine Picelli, p. Dominic & Faustina Bonadeo)
B7Bonadeo, Josephine M. (Picelli)1924-2003stoneobit(m. Eugene Bonadeo, p. Gerard & Lucy Picelli)
C11Bonner, Catherine (McCauley)1819-1886stone(m. John Bonner, p. James & Mary McCauley)
102Bonner, Daniel J.1872-1944stone(p. John & Sophia Harkins Bonner)
102Bonner, Ella "Ellen" (Gallagher)1864-1952stone(m. Thomas J. Bonner, p. Cornelius & Grace McGlandry Gallagher)
C10Bonner, John1817-1887stone(m. Catherine McCauley; p. John & Bridget Sharkey Bonner)
C49Bonner, John B. "Black John"1821-1894stone(m. Sophia Harkins) + "Father" footstone,
?Bonner, John -ns(1826-1874)(native of Co. Donegal, died at age of 48 years)
C50Bonner, John W. -footstone J.W.B.1871-1908stone(p. John B. & Sophia Harkins Bonner)
C49Bonner, Maggie A. -footstone M.B.(1868)-1883stone(p. John B. & Sophia Harkins Bonner)
?Bonner, Mary -ns(d. abt. 1869)died age 28, born Co. Donegal Ireland
78Bonner, Patrick J. 1882-1973stoneobit(m. Rose Boyle, p. John B & Sophia Harkins Bonner)
C49Bonner, Peter -footstone P.B.(1874)-1883stone(p. John B. & Sophia Harkins Bonner)
78Bonner, Rose L. (Boyle)1897-1977stoneobit(m. Patrick J. Bonner, p. Patrick & Anna Libbey Boyle)
C49Bonner, Sophia (Harkins)(1839-1912)stone(m. John B. Bonner; p. Thomas & Ann Carr Harkins) + "Mother" footstone
102Bonner, Thomas J.1861-1936stone(m. Ella Gallagher, p. "Black John" & Sophia Harkins Bonner)
C102Boyle Proctor, Bridget - stone reads Bridget Boyle(1866-1887)stone(m. John "Jack" Proctor, p. Hugh T. & Hannah Rodgers Boyle)
?Boyle, Ann "Nancy" (Boyle) -ns(1820-1887) (m. John "Navy" Boyle, p. Neil & Bridget O'Donnell Boyle)
15Boyle, Anna (McDonough)1857-1934stone(m. Red Hughie Boyle; p. Thomas "Val" & Catherine Kane McDonough)
116Boyle, Beatrice (O'Donnell)1919-2008stoneobit(m. "Jack" Daniel John Boyle; p. James & Elsie Schmidt O'Donnell)
?Boyle, Bridget "Big Biddy" (Gallagher) -ns(1814-1904)(m. Edward "Neddy" Boyle, p. Edward & Emay Gallagher)
294Boyle, Bridget (of Paid een Og) -BOYLE stone(1848-1914)stone(m. Patrick "Paddy Hela" Boyle, p. Patrick "Paid een Og" Boyle)
74Boyle, Bridget -ns
?Boyle, Bridget -ns(d. 1874)died age 32, born Co. Donegal, Ireland (possibly m. William Boyle)
?Boyle, Bridget -ns(d. 1877)died age 22, native of Ireland
?Boyle, Catherine -ns(d. 1877)died age 37, native of Co. Donegal, Ireland
?Boyle, Clara (Smith) -ns(1865-1891)(m. Michael "Red Mike" Boyle, p. Charles & Mary Gallagher Smith)
C71Boyle, Daniel D. "Cringy"1869-1958stone(p. Daniel & Catherine Gallagher Boyle)
104Boyle, Daniel Morris "Mo"1936-2021stoneobit(m. Sally McKlague; p. Daniel John "Jack" & Bea O'Donnell Boyle)
C71Boyle, Daniel O. 1832-1919stone(m. Katcheline Gallagher; p. Daniel & Mary McCauley Boyle)
83Boyle, Daniel P. "Turner"1872-1961stone(m. Margaret "Maggie" Gallagher, p. Paddy Hela & Bridget Boyle Boyle)
7Boyle, Dennis Daniel 1864-1937stone(m. Emma McCauley; p. Dan & Kathcheline Gallagher Boyle)
?Boyle, Edward "Neddy" -ns(1824-1904)(m. Bridget "Big Biddy" Gallagher, p. Patrick Gallagher)
294Boyle, Elizabeth A. (O'Connor)1890-1962stoneobit(m. William "Brutz" Boyle; p. Patrick & Annie Fawcett O'Connor)
108Boyle, Ellen (Boyle)1845-1940stoneobit(m. Owen "Ropa" Boyle, p. Edward & Bridget Gallagher Boyle)
?Boyle, Ellen "Eveline" (O'Donnell) -ns(1826-1886)(m. Hugh Boyle, p. Michael & Bridget O'Donnell)
7Boyle, Emma (McCauley)1874-1938stone(m. Dennis D Boyle; p. John F & Katchlin O'Donnell McCauley)
?Boyle, Francis -ns(d. 1888)died age 71, native Co. Donegal, Ireland
C102Boyle, Hannah "Beag" (Rodgers) Gallagher1830-1896stone(m. John Gallagher & Hugh Boyle)-on side of Boyle stone
C27Boyle, Hannah (Malloy)1839-1891stone(m. William "Whiskey" Boyle; p. Edward Malloy) + HB footstone
?Boyle, Honora -ns(d. 1897)died age 69, native of Donegal County, Ireland
292Boyle, Hugh(1829)-1881stone(m. Ellen O'Donnell) death records show death 1882
C71Boyle, Hugh D. 1860-1934stone(p. Daniel O. & Katcheline Gallagher Boyle)
15Boyle, Hugh E. "Red Hughie"1855-1944stone(m. Anna McDonough; p. Edward & Bridget Gallagher Boyle)
43Boyle, Hugh H. "Gutter"1882-1938stone(p. Hugh Thomas & Hanna T. "Beag" Rodgers Boyle)
232Boyle, Hugh P. "Denemy"1877-1924stone(m. Mary McDonald; p. Patrick "Paddy Hela & Bridget Boyle Boyle)
C102Boyle, Hugh Thomas1822-1924stone(m. Hannah Rodgers Gallagher; p. Tom Boyle)
116Boyle, Jack -baptized Daniel John1913-1990stone(m. Bea O'Donnell; p. Daniel "Turner" & Maggie Gallagher Boyle)
?Boyle, John "Navy" -ns(1819-1889)(m. Ann "Nancy" Boyle; p. John Boyle & Hannah Gallagher)
117Boyle, John James -ns(1939-2013)obit(m. Marge; p. Daniel "Jack" & Beatrice O'Donnell Boyle)
?Boyle, John -ns(1878-1880)(p. Owen & Ellen Boyle Boyle)
C28Boyle, John W.1870-1908stone(p. William "Whiskey" & Hannah Malloy Boyle) + JWB footstone
?Boyle, Johnny - ns(1886-1887)(p. Daniel & Bridget Bonner Boyle)
83Boyle, Julia/Cecelia1906-1907stone(p. Daniel "Turner" & Maggie Gallagher Boyle)
105Boyle, Kathleen M. (Campbell)1945-2009stoneobit(m. Bernard W. Boyle)
C72Boyle, Kathren (Gallagher)(1830)-1907stone(m. Daniel O Boyle; p. Hugh & Bridget Cull Gallagher)
?Boyle, Louis -ns(1885-1886)(p. Manis & Katherine Kimball Boyle) died age 21 months, native of Beaver Island
83Boyle, Margaret "Maggie" (Gallagher)1865-1957stoneobit(m. Daniel "Turner" Boyle; p. Dominick & Mary Gallagher)
C91Boyle, Michael1830-1900stone(m. Hannah Malloy; p. Jack & Bridget Boyle)
?Boyle, Michael Joseph, aka Joseph -ns(1891-1891)(p. Michael & Clara Smith Boyle) died at age 2 months, born Beaver Island
C102Boyle, Michael H.(1878-1890)stone(p. Hugh T. & Hanna Rodgers Boyle)
74Boyle, Mike -ns
108Boyle, Owen "Ropa"1848-1907stone(m. Ellen Boyle; p. John "Navy" & Ann Boyle)
108Boyle, Owen Raymond1921-1988stone (m. Marie E. Gauthier; p. Hugh O. & Bid Boyle)
?Boyle, Patrick -ns(d. 1891)died age 30, native of Beaver Island
?Boyle, Patrick "Paideen Og" -ns(1819-1897)(m. Ellen O'Donnell)
117Boyle, Patrick Andrew -ns(1958-2020)obit(p. Daniel "Jack" & Beatrice O'Donnell Boyle)
293Boyle, Patrick H. (1856)-1880stone(p. Hugh & Ellen O'Donnell Boyle)
294Boyle, Patrick P. "Paddy Hela"(1836)-1903stone(m. Bridget Paideen Og Boyle; p. Daniel & C. Julia O'Donnell Boyle)
43Boyle, Peter H. -ns(1858-1941)(p. Hugh Thomas & Hannah T. "Beag" Rodgers Boyle)
?Boyle, Siscilia/Cecelia -ns(d. 1882)died age 72, native of Arranmore Island, Co. Donegal, Ireland
C93Boyle, Thomas H. (1790-1866)stone(Hugh Thomas Boyle's father; Thomas "Hannigan" Boyle's grandfather)
43Boyle, Thomas H. "Hannigan" - ns(1863-1944)(p. Hugh Thomas & Hannah T. "Beag" Rodgers Boyle)
293Boyle, William(1862)-1883stone(p. Hugh & Ellen O'Donnell Boyle)
C27Boyle, William "Whiskey"1826-1899stone(m. Hannah Malloy, p. Connell & Rosie McGraw Boyle)
294Boyle, William J. "Brutz"1887-1957stone (m. Elizabeth O'Connor; p. Paddy Hela & Bridget Boyle)
?Briggs, Louis -ns(d 1933)(m. Mary Roche) died age 78 at T.C. State hospital
4Brown, Francis E.1913-1999stone(m. Stella Green Brown; p. Edward J & Ethel McDonough Brown)
25Brown, Stella (Green)1914-2003stoneobit(m. Francis "Frank" Brown; p. John W. & Lizzy Roddy Green)
213Burke, Anna "Bernell" (Greene)1922-2013stoneobit(m. Patrick Burke; p. Anthony "Nig" & Mary Boyle Greene)
C53Burke, Bridget (Gallagher)1833-1891stone(m. Michael Burke, p. Hugh & Bridget Cull Gallagher)
213Burke, Edward Joseph "Bub"1902-1960stone(m. Emma Tetzloff; p. Thomas & Mary Gallagher Burke)
C53Burke, Edward M.1865-1890stone(p. Michael & Bridget Gallagher Burke)
213Burke, Emma C. (Tetzloff)1907-1957stoneobit(m. Edward J. "Bub" Burke)
79Burke, Florence E. (Rolland)1911-1997stone(m. Philip Ladonis "Don" Burke; p. Jerry & Mary Rolland)
87Burke, Joseph1859-1946stone(m. Rose Maloney; p. Michael & Bridget Gallagher Burke)
14Burke, Mary "Mamie" (Gallagher)1882-1938stone(m. Thomas M. Burke; p. Paddy Ruah & Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
?Burke, Michael -ns(1828-1903)(m. Bridget Gallagher)
213Burke, Patrick1912-2000stone(m. Anna "Bernell" Greene; p. Thomas & "Mamie" Gallagher Burke)
79Burke, Philip Ladonis "Don/Big Phil"1916-1979stone(m. Florence Rolland; p. Thomas & Mamie Gallagher Burke)
87Burke, Rose (Maloney)1864-1913stone(m. Joseph Burke; p. Patrick & Mary O'Malley Maloney)
14Burke, Thomas M.1868-1943stone(m. Mary "Mamie" Gallagher; p. Michael & Bridget Gallagher Burke)
14Burke, Walter L.1909-1959stone(p. Thomas & Mamie Gallagher Burke)
?Burns, John D. -ns(1903-1903)died age 1 month, 17 days
50Burns, John M. -BURNS stone(1850-1931)stone(m. Lovicey Butler; p. Matthais & Bridget Correy Burns)
50Burns, Lovicey (Butler)1854-1915stone(m. John M. Burns; p. William & Sarah McCampbell Butler)
38Burns, Marion E. (Gregoire)1921-2001stoneobit(m. William J. Burns, p. Rene & Lucy Chenot Gregoire)
37Burns, Mary -ns
50Burns, Mary Rose1899-1927stone(John & Lovicey Butler Burns)
38Burns, William J.1920-1987stone(m. Marion Gregoire, p. James & Anna Barry Burns)
50Burns, William J.1892-1919stone(p. John & Lovicey Butler Burns)
113Bussell, Maureen K. (Runberg)1931-2016stone(m. Tom Bussell, p. Vern & Margarete Runberg)
112Carson, Delia E. (Gauthier)1898-1993stone(m. Robert A. Carson, mother of Joyce Carson Runberg)
112Carson, Robert A.1902-1980stone (m. Delia E. Gauthiere; father of Joyce Carson Runberg)
B9Cashman, William J.(1940-2014)stoneobit(m. Joanne Bauman)
?Champine, Margaret -ns(d. 1911)died age 2 years
B11Chandler, David L.1948-2018stoneobit(m. Beatrice "Trisha"; p. James and Marie Gonzales Chandler)
181Chapman, Owen "Chappie"1902-1973stone
10Christie, Joseph W. 1904-1985stone(m. Marjorie Fletcher & Rhea Putnam)
71Cole, Grace aka Regina Grace (Gillespie)1908-1998stone(m. Raymond Cole; p. Francis "Ket" & Mary Ann Boyle Gillespie)
71Cole, Lillian I. (Connaghan)1925-2002stoneobit(m. Donald R. Cole; p. Hugh & Katie Malloy Connaghan)
1Conn, Clara "Bernice" (Martin)1928-1959stone(m. Bud Eckler & Don Conn; p. John J. & Bridget "Ada" Burke Martin)
29Connaghan, Catherine L. "Katie" (Malloy)1891-1983stone(m. Hugh H. Connaghan; p. Anthony & Bridget Boyle Malloy)
103Connaghan, Gene M.1928-1988stone(m. Margaret Ellen McDonough; p. Hugh & Katie Malloy Connaghan)
C28Connaghan, Hugh1834-1894stone (m. Bridget O'Donnell)
29Connaghan, Hugh H. 1882-1956stone (m. Catherine "Katie" Malloy; p. Hugh & Bridget O'Donnell Connaghan)
30Connaghan, John E. "Jack"1918-2002stoneobit(m. Rose Greene; p. Hugh H. & Katie Malloy Connaghan)
30Connaghan, Lester D.1911-2005stoneobit(m. Victoria A Pociask; p. Hugh & Katie Malloy Connaghan)
103Connaghan, Lois Jean "Loie" 1955 - 2023obit(p. Gene M. & Margaret Ellen McDonough Connaghan)
103Connaghan, Margaret Ellen (McDonough)1934-1982stone(m. Gene Connaghan; p. Bert & Mary "Turner" Boyle McDonough)
30Connaghan, Raymond C.1913-1977stone(p. Hugh & Katie Malloy Connaghan)
15Connaghan, Rose J. (Greene)1926-2020stoneobit(m. John "Jack" Connaghan; p. Anthony "Nig" & Mary Boyel Greene)
30Connaghan, Victoria A. (Pociask)1909-1978stone(m. Lester Connaghan)
?Corbett, Jerry -ns(d. 1904)died age 50, born in Canada
?Corbett, John -ns(d. 1892)died age 79, native of Co. Cork, Ireland
?Cornstalk, Daniel -ns(d. 1909)(daughter Nancy Cornstalk Wabanimkee) died age 56
129Correy (reads Curry), Margaret1834-1914stoneOn the back of Sylvester & Helen Correy McDonough stone
19Crown, David E. 1931-2020stoneobit(m. Alice Louis Heix)
258Cull, Anne "Nancy" (Roche)1928-2016stoneobit(m. Lawrence "Larry" Cull)
?Cull, Daniel -ns(1880-1905)(p. Dennis D. & Mary O'Donnell Cull)
?Cull, Dennis Daniel -ns(1842-1889)(m. Mary O'Donnell; p. Peter & Mary Cull)
?Cull, Ellen "Nellie" -ns(1883-1888)(p. Dennis D. & Mary O'Donnell Cull)
17Cull, Jack -baptized John1919-1997stone(p. Michael & Mable Connaghan Cull)
258Cull, Lawrence J. "Larry"1926-1999stoneobit(m. Nancy Roche; p. Mke & Magaret "Mable" Connaghan Cull)
17Cull, Margaret "Mable" (Connaghan) 1893-1980stone(m. Mike Cull; p. Hugh & Bridget O'Donnell Connaghan)
?Cull, Mary (Gillespie) -ns(1798-1883)(m. Peter Cull; mother of Dennis D. Cull)
256Cull, Michael C.1947-2012stoneobit(p. Ray & Claire Left Cull)
17Cull, Michael F. 1885-1964stone(m. Mable Connaghan, p. Dennis & Mary O'Donnell Cull)
256Cull, Raymond J. 1922-2000stoneobit(m. Roberta "Claire" Left; p. Michael & "Mable" Connaghan Cull)
256Cull, Roberta "Claire" (Left)1926-2012stoneobit(m. Raymond J. Cull; p. Francis Carl & Helen Consuella Gillespie Left)
17Cull, Roland Joseph -ns1938-2021obit(m. Marlene Surowiec, p. Michael & Margaret "Mable" Connaghan Cull)
134Cullnan, Laura (Left)1959-1999stone(p. William J. "Jack" & June Anderson Left)
131Culter, Lee -born Martin Lee1908-1988stone(father of Betty J. Culter Welke, who married William Welke)
131Culter, Pauline (Schwaegel)1911-1986stone(mother of Betty J.. Culter, who married William Welke)
135Currier, Charlotte E.1950-2015stoneobit(p. Desmond & Margaret "Peggy" Left Currier)
135Currier, Colleen S.1961-2012stoneobit(p. Desmond & Margaret "Peggy" Left Currier)
135Currier, Desmond P.1924-2006stoneobit(m. Margaret "Peggy" Left; p. Pat & Charlotte O'Connor Currier)
136Currier, Joseph Patrick - ns1957-2021obit(p. Desmond & Margaret "Peggy" Left Currier
135Currier, Margaret I. "Peggy" (Left)1925-2008stoneobit(m. Desmond Currier; p. Joseph & Veronica Gallagher Left)
68Custer, Violet N. (McCafferty)1904-2004stoneobit(m. James Custer; p. Francis & Nellie Dunlevy McCafferty)
C81Debriae, Rosalie(1815)-1883stone(m. Edward Debriae/O'Brien; mother of John O'Brien)
?Debriae/O'Brien, Edward -ns(1814-1884)(m. Rosalie J. Cart or Shassette; father of John O'Brien)
B16Delia, Sarah I. "Sally" (Martin)1941-2010stoneobit(m. Michael Delia; p. Charles & Marion McGinnes Martin)
A8Dennis, Charles C. "Chuck" -ns(1969-2018)obit(m. Theresa M. Walgus; p. John & Marti Dennis)
248deVaux, Arthur F.1939-1991stone(m. Elizabeth "Betsy"; p. Arthur Flavian deVaux Sr.)
250Dorais, Mary C. (Dilworth)1921-2017stoneobit(m. Thomas C. Dorais, p. John & Mary Sullivan Dilworth)
250Dorais, Thomas C.1921-2003stoneobit(m. Mary Kay Dillworth; p. Charles & Viola Dorais)
?Douglas, Elizabeth -ns(d. 1893)died age 37, native of Pennsylvania
250Drescher, Ann (Greene)1884-1969stoneobit(m. Paul Drescher; p. Red Dan & Bridget Greene)
250Drescher, Paul1890-1957stone(m. Ann Greene)
141Driscoll, Laurence "Ron"1941-2002stone(m. Audrey Gatliff Smallwood)
116Dudley, Elmer C.1899-1959stoneobit(m. M. Victoria Connaghan)
260Dudzik, Albert J.1915-1991stone(m. Helen Lucas)
260Dudzik, Helen (Lucas)1917-2015stoneobit(m. Albert J. Dudzik; p. John and Josephine Lucas)
B7Dugan, Gloria M. -ns1923-2021)obit(p. Alpheus & Dorothy O'Brien Dugan)
113Dunbar, Clyde J. 1901-1968stone(m. Kathryn G. McCann)
112Dunbar, Katheryn G. (McCann)1906-1984stone(m. Clyde J. Dunbar; p. John D. & Grace Martin McCann)
92Dunlevy, Bridget "Biddy Sam" (Gallagher)(1855)-1924stone(m. Francis "Sam" Dunlevy; p. Dominick & Mary Greene Gallagher)
92Dunlevy, Francis "Sam"(1844)-1931stone(m. Bridget Gallagher; p. Daniel & Hannah O'Donnell Dunlevy)
C26Dunlevy, Hannah (O'Donnell)(1808)-1878stone(m. Daniel Dunlevy; p. James & Ann O'Donnell)
?Dunlevy, James -ns(1871-1901)(p. John & Ann Rogers Dunlevy) died age 30 years, 5 months, 10 days, born St. James
57Dunlevy, James -DUNLEVY stone(1846-1930)stone(m. Sarah O'Malley, p. Daniel & Hannah O'Donnell Dunlevy)
92Dunlevy, John D.1888-1962stone(m. Martha; p. Francis & Bridget Gallagher Dunlevy)
92Dunlevy, Margaret -ns(1886-1974)(m. Earl E. Miller; p. Francis & Bridget Gallagher Dunlevy)
57Dunlevy, Sarah E. (O'Malley)1849-1917stone(m. James Dunlevy, p. William & Mary Durkin O'Malley)
107Early, John(1839-?)stone(m. Margaret Sharkey; father of Patrick Early) "husband" footstone
107Early, Margaret (Sharkey)1834-1910stone(m. John Early; p. John & Mary O'Donnell Sharkey)
211Early, Mary (Gallagher)1877-1977stone(m. Patrick Early, p. Daniel "Doney" & Mary Gallagher)
211Early, Patrick1874-1950stone(m. Mary Gallagher; p. John & Margaret Sharkey Early)
258Egbert, George L. Sr.1903-1999stone(m. Ruth C. Conklin)
258Egbert, Ruth C. (Conklin)1906-1984stone(m. George L. Egbert)
242Elms, Percy James "Buster/Jim"1919-2011stoneobit(m. Rita D. LaFreniere; p. Frank & Bertha Staggs Elms)
242Elms, Rita D. (LaFreniere)1922-2005stoneobit(m. Percy James "Buster" Elms; p. Nels & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
73Evans, Kim R.1955-2007stone(p. Donald & Margaret Ricksgers Evans)
73Evans, Margaret (Ricksgers) 1930-2019stoneobit(m. Donald E. Evans; p. George and Otilia Schmidt Ricksgers)
C10Ferguson, Elizabeth (O'Donnell) -stone E.O.F.(1875-1936)stone(m. Horatio Ferguson; p. Bernard and Margaret Curran O'Donnell)
181Ferguson, Mary Ann (Palmer)1951-2015stoneobit(p. Clarence & Lorraine Palmer)
B6Fisher, Dennis E.1942-2004stoneobit(m. Susie unknown; p. Dale and Dorothy Aumann Fisher)
248Fitzpatrick, Doyle C.1908-1989stoneobit(m. Phyllis J. Millward, p. Hayes R. & Jessie M. Fitzpatrick)
248Fitzpatrick, Phyllis J. (Millward)1919-2012stoneobit(m. Doyle C. Fitzpatrick; p. Phillip & Jean Millward)
C33Fitzsimmons, Margaret (1815-1877)stone(m. Richard Fitzsimmons) -fallen stone hard to read
69Floyd, Anna1883-1925stone(p. John & Mary Palmer Floyd; mother of Lizzie Floyd LaFreniere)
47Floyd, Edward1880-1915stone(p. John & Mary Palmer Floyd)
58Floyd, Edward R. -ns(1916-1917)(p. Joseph & Florence McCafferty Floyd)
69Floyd, Florence A. "Flora" (McCafferty)1895-1960stone(m. Joseph H. Floyd; p. Bernard & Grace Ann Boyle McCafferty)
69Floyd, Frank1874-1936stone(p. John & Mary Palmer Floyd)
69Floyd, George1880-1947stone(p. John & Mary Palmer Floyd)
69Floyd, James H. 1892-1983stone (p. John & Mary Palmer Floyd)
47Floyd, John1842-1914stone(m. Mary Palmer; p. Edward Floyd)
47Floyd, Johnnie1876-1921stone(p. John and Mary Palmer Floyd)
58Floyd, Joseph H.1887-1958stone(m. Florence A. McCafferty; p. John & Mary Palmer Floyd)
47Floyd, Mary (Palmer)1847-1935stone(m. John Floyd; p. Joseph & Anna Williams Palmer)
69Floyd, Stanley B. 1915-1999stone (p. Joseph & Florence Ann McCafferty Floyd)
141Flynn, Edith Eileen "Jug" (Gatliff)1933-2005stoneobit(m. Thomas Flynn; p. Thomas C. and Mary Pat McDonough Gatliff)
141Flynn, Thomas M. 1931-2010stoneobit(m. Edith Eileen Gatliff; p. Michael & Helen Flynn)
211Fox, Dorothy L. (Gallagher)1950-1996stone(p. Peter & Delores Kraai Gallagher)
C34French, Charles M.1889-1894stone(p. Charles & Susan Gallagher French)
?Gagnon, Arthur -ns(1906-1906)(p. George & Laura Boisvert Gagnon)
?Gagnon, George -ns(d. 1907)(m. Laura Boisvert) died age 40, born Two Rivers, Wisconsin
76Gallagher, Andrew "Andy Mary Ellen"1878-1939stone(m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Greene; p. Barney & Mary Ellen Roddy Gallagher)
239Gallagher, Andrew John 1938-1980stone(m. Patricia Martin; p. John Andy & Lillian Green Gallagher)
C29Gallagher, Anna1882-1900stone(p. Daniel P. & Mary Gallagher; sister of Patsy "Doney" Gallagher)
C82Gallagher, Anna (Early) -James F. GALLAGHER stone(1854-1903)stone(m. James F. Gallagher, p. Hugh & Bridget O'Donnell Early)
?Gallagher, Barney -ns(d. 1935)(brother of Andrew E. & Patrick) resident of and died in Milwaukee, Wisc.
C66Gallagher, Bernard1840-1884stone(m. Mary Ellen Roddy; p. Patrick & Mary Ellen Ward Gallagher)
C95Gallagher, Bridget1839-(1891)stone(stone broken thru death date); d. age 51 yrs, 10 mo., 5 days
?Gallagher, Bridget -ns(d. 1891)died age 70, native of Arranmore Island, Donegal Co., Ireland
?Gallagher, Bridget -ns(d. 1906)died age 75, born Ireland
119Gallagher, Bridget (Boyle) -GALLAGHER stone(1857-1910)stone(m. "Paddy Ruah" Gallagher; p. Thomas H. & Mary Mgt. O'Donnell Boyle)
224Gallagher, Bridget (Boyle) -ns(1842-1925)(m. "Big Phil" Gallagher; p. Daniel Patrick & Cecelia O'Donnell Boyle)
C3 Gallagher, Bridget (Gallagher) 1825-1889stone(p. James Napper Tandy/Catherine Gallagher) + BG stone
C3Gallagher, Bridget (Gallagher) -GALLAGHER stone(1863-1931)stone(m. James C. Gallagher, p. Phillip "Big Phil" & Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Bridget (Gillespie) -ns(d. 1891)(m. Patrick Gallagher) died age 42, native of Arranmore Island, Donegal Co., Ireland
C2Gallagher, Catherine "Kitty" (O'Donnell)(1802)-1905stone(m. James Napper Tandy Gallagher)
82Gallagher, Catherine "Pidgy" (Roddy)1880-1937stone(m. Dominick Gallagher; p. Andrew & Catherine McBride Roddy)
C10Gallagher, Catherine (Bonner)1858-1887stone(m. Patrick Gallagher; p. John & Catherine McCauley Bonner)
59Gallagher, Catherine (Gallagher)1857-1928stone(m. John "Shoemaker" Gallagher; p. Charles & Bridget Cull Gallagher)
262Gallagher, Catherine (Malloy)1890-1939stone(m. Charles "Harlem" Gallagher; p. Thomas & Bridget O'Donnell Malloy)
89Gallagher White, Cecilia M.1906-1933stone(m. Erwin "Jack" White; p. Peter & Nora Gallagher)
C59Gallagher, Charles1855-1887stone(m. Mary "Molly" Boyle, p. Cornelius & Grace McGlandry Gallagher)
262Gallagher, Charles A. "Harlem"1882-1974stoneobit(m. Catherine Malloy; p. Philip & Mary Gillespie Gallagher)
C20Gallagher, Charles S. 1888-1891stone(p. John & Nora McCauley Gallagher)
59Gallagher, child -ns(possibly child of John "Shoemaker" & Catherine Gallagher)
228Gallagher, Christine (Schmidt)1891-1962stone(m. Daniel P. "Rouse" Gallagher; p. Joseph & Catherine Wecker Schmidt)
?Gallagher, Con -ns(d. 1886)died age 88, native of Arranmore Island, Donegal Co., Ireland
C58Gallagher, Cornelius1829-1916stoneobit(m. Grace A. McGlandry; p. John & Isabel Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Daniel -ns(d. 1871)died age 98, native of Co. Donegal, Ireland
21Gallagher, Daniel D. "Doney"1861-1955stoneobit(m. Mary Gallagher; p. Daniel Peter & Mary Gallagher)
21ishGallagher, Daniel Lester -no HCC burial (service placque)1918-2003stoneobit(p. Daniel "Doney" & Mary Gallagher)
138Gallagher, Daniel -ns(1900-1940)(p. Daniel "Tite" & Hannah Gillespie Gallagher)
228Gallagher, Daniel P. "Rouse"1873-1943stone(m. Christina Schmidt; p. Philip & Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
C29Gallagher, Daniel Peter -"Father" stone(1835-1920)stone(m. Mary Gallagher, p. Peter & Catherine McCauley Gallagher)
138Gallagher, Daniel T. "Tite" -ns(1858-1926)(m. Hannah Gillespie; p. James P. & Bridget Malloy Gallagher)
211Gallagher, Dolores J. (Kraai)1931-2008stoneobit (m. Peter Doney Gallagher; p. Frank & Mary Kraai)
C56Gallagher, Dominick "Big Dominick"(1828-1904)stone(m. Mary Greene; p. James Napper Tandy & Catherine Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Dominick -ns(d. 1907)(m. Mary Mooney, p. Patrick & Bridget Cull Gallagher) died age 44, born St. James
?Gallagher, Dominick - ns(d. 1953)(m. Catherine Roddy, p. Dominick & Mary Greene Boyle) brother of Maggie Boyle
82Gallagher, Dominick -ns(1867-1953)(m. Catherine "Pidgie" Roddy; p. "Big Dominick"/Mary Greene Gallagher)
C20Gallagher, Donald C.1907-1908stone(p. Cornelius & Jesse "Daisy" McDonald Gallagher)
137Gallagher, Earl E.1910-2004stoneobit(m. Mary E. Messenger; p. James & Kitty Allers Gallagher)
2Gallagher, Edward B. 1884-1951stone(m. Nora Barry; p. William J. "Bowery" & Margaret Boyle Gallagher)
137Gallagher, Eleanor A.1906-1927stone(p. William J. "Bowery" & Margaret Boyle Gallagher)
C20Gallagher, Elizabeth1893-1894stone(p. Cornelius & Daisy McDonald Gallagher)
76Gallagher, Elizabeth (Greene)1882-1975stone(m. Andrew Gallagher; p. Red Dan & Bridget Greene)
104Gallagher, Elizabeth J. 1887-1970stone(p. John C. "Salty" & Nora "Hannah" McCauley Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Francis -ns(d. 1895)died age 71, native of Arranmore Island, Donegal Co., Ireland
45Gallagher, Frank O.1880-1952stone(p. "Big Owen" and Hannah McCauley Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Grace -ns(d. 1874)died age 80, native of Arranmore, Co. Donegal, Ireland
293Gallagher, Grace (Boyle)1854-1882stone(m. John/Shane Gallagher; p. Hugh & Ellen O'Donnell) broken stone
C58Gallagher, Grace A. (McGlandry)1826-1910stone(m. Cornelius Gallagher; p. Charles & Ann Rodgers McGlandry)
104Gallagher, Grace E.1897-1978stone(p. John C. & Nora McCauley Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Hannah -ns(d. 1868)(m. Michael F. O'Donnell) died age 23, born in Rutland, Co. Donegal, Irelamd
138Gallagher, Hannah (Gillespie) -ns(1866-1934)(m. Daniel "Tite" Gallagher; p. John & Mary Dunlevy Gillespie)
?Gallagher, Hannah (McCauley) -ns(d. 1911)(m. Hugh Gallagher, p. Edward & Mary Margaret O'Donnell McCauley) died age 72
45Gallagher, Hannah (McCauley)1846-1940stone(m. "Big Owen" Gallagher; p. Frank & Anne "Nancy" Gallagher McCauley)
21Gallagher, Hubert1915-1938stone(p. Daniel "Doney" & Mary Gallagher)
211Gallagher, Hugh Daniel1871-1951stone(p. Daniel P. & Mary Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Hugh -ns(1834-1898)(single; p. Hugh & Bridget Cull Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Hugh -ns(1868-1887)(p. Phil & Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Hugh J. -ns(1875-1897)(p. James F. & Anna Early Gallagher)
13Gallagher, Hugh R. "The Devil"1885-1953stone(m. H. Maria Malloy; p. Patrick "Paddy Ruah" & Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
94Gallagher, Ida V.1902-1916stone(p. John C. & Nora McCauley Gallagher)
93Gallagher, Jack -baptized John1911-1950stone(p. Neil & Mamie Salty Gallagher)
?Gallagher, James D. -ns(1901-1902)(p. Dominick & Rosa O'Donnell Gallagher)
C82Gallagher, James (1850-1895)stone(m. Anna Early)
C3Gallagher, James C. "Jimmy the Jew"1862-1914stone(m. Bridget Gallagher; p. Charles & Bridget Cull Gallagher) + husband stone
126Gallagher, James H. 1883-1956stone(m. Katherine "Kitty" Allers; p. William"Bowery" & Margaret Boyle Gallagher)
46Gallagher, James O. (1875)-1913stoneobit(p. Owen & Hannah Gallagher) + James footstone
C43Gallagher, James P. "Big"1819-1897stone(m. Bridget Malloy; p. Patrick & Sarah Gallagher)
?Gallagher, John -ns(d. 1886)died age 55, native of Arranmore, Co. Donegal, Ireland
?Gallagher, John -ns(d. 1884)(p. Patrick Mor Gallagher) died age 25, native of Beaver Island
237Gallagher, John A.1909-2000stone(m. Bridget "Lillian" Greene; p. Andrew/Lizzie Greene Gallagher)
94Gallagher, John C. "Salty"1856-1944stone(m. Nora McCauley; p. Cornelius & Grace Gallagher)
86Gallagher, John D. -ns(1891-1940)(p. Dominick & Mary Mooney Gallagher)
59Gallagher, John S. "Shoemaker"1856-1928stone(m. Catherine Gallagher; p. John & Hannah Rodgers Gallagher)
C34Gallagher, Katherine1863-1887stone(p. Michael "Mike Ruah" & Susan Mooney Gallagher)
126Gallagher, Katherine L. (Allers)1887-1956stone(m. James H. Gallagher; p. Charles & Mary Curtis Allers)
239Gallagher, Lillian Bridget (Green)1908-1997stoneobit(m. John Andy Gallagher; p. John W. & Lizzy Roddy Green)
93Gallagher, Mamie E. "Salty" (Gallagher)1882-1978stone(m. Neil "Reddy" Gallagher; p. John & Hannah McCauley Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Margaret "Mairad" -ns(d. 1888)died age 80, native Arranmore, Ireland
137Gallagher, Margaret (Boyle)1861-1940stone(m. Wm. "Bowery" Gallagher; p. William "Whiskey" & Hannah Malloy Boyle)
?Gallagher, Maria -ns(d. 1910)died age 77
13Gallagher, Maria M. (Malloy)1889-1974stoneobit(m. Hugh "The Devil" Gallagher; p. Anthony & Bridget Malloy)
C34Gallagher, Mary1862-1887stone(p. Michael "Mike Ruah" & Susan Mooney Gallagher)
82Gallagher, Mary (baby)(1904-1904)stone(p. Dominick & Catherine "Pidgie" Roddy Gallagher)
C59Gallagher, Mary (Boyle) -ns(1863-1947)(m. Charles Gallagher & Ed Pratt, p. William & Hannah Malloy Boyle)
C29Gallagher, Mary (Gallagher) -"Mother stone"(1838-1932)stone(m. Daniel P. Gallagher; p. James & Catherine Gallagher)
C56Gallagher, Mary (Greene)1830-1902stone(m. "Big Dominick" Gallagher; p. Hugh or Blind Sean & Bridget Greene)
86Gallagher, Mary (Mooney) -ns(1869-1897)(m. Dominick Gallagher; p. Owen & Mary Gallagher Mooney)
?Gallagher, Mary Ann -ns(d. 1872)died age 11, native of Beaver Island
261Gallagher, Mary C. (Gillespie)1859-1910stoneobit(m. Philipine Gallagher; p. John & Mary Dunlevy Gillespie)
147Gallagher, Mary E. (Duffy)1889-1971stone(m. William J. Gallagher; p. Morris & Nellie Boyle Duffy)
137Gallagher, Mary E. (Messenger)1909-2004stoneobit(m. Earl E. Gallagher; p. Charles & Elizabeth Messenger)
C66Gallagher, Mary E. (Roddy)1843-1903stone(m. Bernard Gallagher; p. Pat & Kate Bonner Roddy)
89Gallagher, Mary I.1900-1920stone(p. Peter & Nora Gallagher)
21Gallagher, Mary M. (Gallagher)1886-1964stone(m. Daniel "Doney" Gallagher; p. possibly Patrick & Fannie Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Michael -ns(d. 1883)died age 26, native of Arranmore Island, Co. Donegal, Ireland
76Gallagher, Michael J. -ns(1947-1947)(p. Daniel & Shirley Gallagher, grandson of Andy & Lizzie Gallagher)
C34Gallagher, Michael R. "Ruah"1821-1897stone(m. Susan Mooney; p. Daniel & Bridget Rodgers Gallagher)
89Gallagher, Monica A. 1902-1929stone(p. Peter & Nora Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Neal -ns(d. 1878)died age 23, native of Co. Donegal, Ireland
93Gallagher, Neil "Reddy"1875-1913stoneobit(m. Mamie Salty Gallagher; p. Dominick & Mary Greene Gallagher)
C3Gallagher, Neil C. 1869-1891stone(p. Bridget Gallagher) + N.C.G. stone
220Gallagher, Nellie/Ellen -ns(d. 1877)died age 35, native of Co. Donegal, Ireland
94Gallagher, Nora "Hannah" (McCauley)1859-1941stone(m. John C. "Salty" Gallagher; p. Daniel & Bridget Correy McCauley )
89Gallagher, Nora A. "Nanjog"1879-1954stone(m. Peter Gallagher; p. Tom & Anna O'Donnell Gallagher)
2Gallagher, Nora B. (Barry)1887-1917stone(m. Edward B. Gallagher; p. Thomas and Mary Egan Barry)
95Gallagher, Nora S. "Nonie/Ellen/Nellie" (Boyle)1880-1978stone(m. Patrick E. Gallagher, p. Patrick "Hela" & Bridget Boyle)
146Gallagher, Norman M. 1917-1974stoneobit(p. William John & Mary Duffy Gallagher)
45Gallagher, Owen "Big Owen"1847-1941stone(m. Hannah McCauley; p. James Napper Tandy & Catherine Gallagher)
86Gallagher, Owen D. -ns(1897-1939)(p. Dominick & Mary Mooney Gallagher)
C29Gallagher, Patrick1868-1889stone(p. Daniel P. & Mary Gallagher, brother of Anna & Daniel "Doney")
?Gallagher, Patrick -ns(1865-1901)(p. Patrick & Bridget Cull Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Patrick -ns(1906-1906)(p. Owen & Sarah Gibson Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Patrick -ns(d. 1894)died at age 73, native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland
?Gallagher, Patrick "Paddy Grey" -ns(d. 1874)(m. Mary Ellen Ward) died at age 60, native of Co. Donegal, Ireland
?Gallagher, Patrick "Paddy Mor" -ns(d. 1888)died at age 60, native of Arranmore, Ireland
95Gallagher, Patrick E. "Paddy Mary Ellen"1871-1942stone(m. Nora S. Boyle, p. Bernard & Mary Ellen Roddy Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Patrick F. -ns(d. 1893)died at age 45, native of Arranmore Island, Donegal Co., Ireland
21Gallagher, Patrick J. "Patsy Doney"1910-1979stone(p. Daniel "Doney" & Mary Gallagher)
119Gallagher, Patrick R. "Paddy Ruah" -GALLAGHER stone(1839-1912)stone(m. Bridget Boyle)
?Gallagher, Peter -ns(burial 6/2/2007)
89Gallagher, Peter D. "Big Dominick"1870-1958stone(m. Nora "Nan Jog" Gallagher; p. Dominick & Mary Greene Gallagher)
104Gallagher, Peter K.1899-1976stone(p. John C. & Nora "Hannah" McCauley Gallagher)
211Gallagher, Peter P. "Doney"1920-1997stone(m. Dolores Kraai; p. Peter "Doney" & Mary Gallagher)
261Gallagher, Philip C. "Philipine"1852-1910stone(m. Mary C. Gillespie; p. Charles & Bridget Cull Gallagher)
224Gallagher, Phillip "Big Phil" -ns(1939-1925)(m. Bridget Boyle; p. Hugh & Bridget Cull Gallagher)
224Gallagher, Phillip P. 1882-1920stone(p. Philip and Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
?Gallagher, Rose (Rodgers) -ns(d. 1887)(m. Condy Gallagher) died at age 40, native of Arranmore, Ireland
?Gallagher, Rose (O'Donnell) -ns(1863-1901)(m. Dominick Gallagher, p. James & Bridget O'Donnell)
C43Gallagher, Sarah A. 1880-1898stone(p. William. J. & Margaret Boyle Gallagher)
223Gallagher, Sarah J. 1880-1917stone(p. Philip & Bridget Boyle Gallagher) + footstone
C34Gallagher, Susan (Mooney)1828-1908stone(m. Michael "Ruah" Gallagher; p. Cornelius & Bridget Boyle Mooney)
262Gallagher, Thomas J. -ns(1912-1919)(p. Charles "Harlem" & Catherine Malloy Gallagher)
13Gallagher, Thomas R. 1878-1938stone(p. Patrick "Paddy Ruah" & Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
126Gallagher, Victor P.1919-1982stone(p. James & Katherine "Kitty" Allers Gallagher)
C33Gallagher, William D. "Big Willie"1868-1945stone(p. Michael "Ruah" & Susan Mooney Gallagher)
147Gallagher, William J.1889-1960stone(m. Mary E. Duffy; p. William J. "Bowery" & Margaret Boyle Gallagher)
126Gallagher, William J. "Billy"1932-1947stone(p. James H. & Katherine L. Allers Gallagher)
137Gallagher, William J. "Bowery"1856-1930stone(m. Margaret Boyle; p. James P. & Bridget Malloy Gallagher)
46Gallagher, William O. "Willie"1887-1914stone(p. Owen & Hannah McCauley Gallagher)
48Gatliff, Anna (McCauley)1866-1937stone(m. Wiley F. Gatliff; p. Condy & Mary Gallagher McCauley)
139Gatliff, Catherine "Georgie" (Connaghan)1923-2009stoneobit(m. Paul P. "Danny" Gatliff; p. Hugh & Katie Connaghan)
49Gatliff, Ellen B.1921-1941stone(p. Thomas & Mary Pat McDonough Gatliff)
140Gatliff, Joseph Corneil1918-2000stoneobit(m. Ruth Ann Hinman; p. Tom & Mary Ellen McDonough Gatliff)
48Gatliff, Mary A.1897-1914stone(p. Wiley F. & Ann McCauley Gatliff)
140Gatliff, Mary E. "Mary Pat" (McDonough)1897-1994stoneobit(m. Thomas C. Gatliff; p. Pat "Vesty" & Ellen O'Donnell McDonough)
48Gatliff, Paul Cornelius "Connie"1900-1948stone(m. Minerva Robert; p. Wiley F. & Ann McCauley Gatliff)
139Gatliff, Paul P. "Danny"1919-1969stone(m. Catherine "Georgie" Connaghan; p. Thomas & Mary Pat Gatliff)
140Gatliff, Perry J.1929-1982stone(p. Thomas C. & Mary Ellen McDonough Gatliff)
140Gatliff, Robert P.1967-1994stone(p. Joseph Corneil and Ruth Ann Hinman Gatliff)
141Gatliff, Ruth Ann (Hinman)1926-2012stoneobit(m. Joseph Corneil Gatliff)
48Gatliff, Thomas Cornelius1895-1954stone(m. Mary Ellen McDonough; p. Wiley & Ann McCauley Gatliff)
104Germolec, Joseph E. "Butch"1938-2015stoneobit(friend of Morris Boyle)
?Gibson, Elizabeth -ns(1877-1879)(p. William & Rose Ann Boyle Gibson)
98Gibson, James1859-1903stone(m. Mary McCann Gibson; p. Robert & Julie Sculley Gibson)
C74Gibson, Julia (Sculley)1831-1909stone(m. Robert Gibson; p. Matthew & Anna Sculley)
98Gibson, Mary (McCann)1867-1919stone(m. James Gibson; p. James & Margaret Murray McCann)
C75Gibson, Robert1865-1883stone(p. Robert & Julia Sculley Gibson)
C74Gibson, Robert - "Father"1829-1876stone(m. Julia Sculley; p. William & Elizabeth Gibson)
8Gilden, Hannah Rae (McCauley)1870-1943stone(m. William Gilden; p. John & Catherine McCauley)
C38Gilden, William1882-1913stone(m. Hannah Rae McCauley; p. Nels & Martha Erickson Gilden)
?Gillespie, Ann (Gallagher) -ns(d. 1867)(m. Owen "John" Gillespie) died at age 80, born in Arranmore, Ireland
32Gillespie, Bridget Ann(1951)-1951stone(p. Jewell & Rita O'Donnell Gillespie)
139Gillespie, Daniel John1868-1940stone(m. Mabel A. Perron; p. John & Mary Dunlevy Gillespie)
220Gillespie, Francis G. "Ket"1868-1957stoneobit(m. Mary Ann Boyle; p. John & Mary Dunlevy Gillespie)
220Gillespie, Gerard J. 1915-1985stone(m. Kathleen "Kay" Patton; p. Francis & Mary Ann Boyle Gillespie)
32Gillespie, Gerard Thomas(1958)-1958stone(p. Jewell & Rita O'Donnell Gillespie)
?Gillespie, James -ns(1864-1944)(p. John & Mary Gillespie)
32Gillespie, James Michael(1963)-1963stone(p. Jewell & Rita O'Donnell Gillespie)
32Gillespie, Jewell F.1917-1995stoneobit(m. Rita M. O'Donnell; p. Francis "Ket" & Mary Ann Boyle Gillespie)
?Gillespie, John -ns(1830-1910)obit(m. Mary Dunlevy; p. Owen & Anna Gallagher Gillespie)
?Gillespie, Josephine Hildegarde -ns(1914-1916)(p. Owen & Mary Gingrass Gillespie)
?Gillespie, Mary (Dunlevy)(1838-1910)stone(m. John Gillespie; p. Daniel & Hannah O'Donnell Dunlevy)
220Gillespie, Mary Ann (Boyle)1879-1955stone(m. Francis G. "Ket" Gillespie; p. Patrick & Bridget Boyle)
32Gillespie, Mary Sue(1947)-1947stone(p. Jewell & Rita O'Donnell Gillespie)
?Gillespie, Pat -ns(1901-1902)(p. Francis "Ket" & Mary Ann Boyle Gillespie)
32Gillespie, Rita Mae (O'Donnell)1927-1988stone(m. Jewell F. Gillespie; p. William & Bridget Burns O'Donnell)
220Gillespie, Robert "Speck"1922-1999stone(p. Francis & Mary Ann Boyle Gillespie)
A9Gillespie, Robert J.1950-2015stoneobit(m. Carol Gatliff & Lisa Vance; p. Jewell & Rita O'Donnell Gillespie)
?Gingras, Basil -ns(d. 1901)(father of Mary Gingras Gillespie) died at age 67, born in Canada
A1Glantz, Jean1917-2005stone
?Glavin, William -ns(d. 1903)died at age 28, born in Michigan
20Gleason, Jack -ns
C107Gordon, Anna1826-1896stone(m. John Gordon)
C107Gordon, John1804-1881stone(m. Anna Gordon)
36Green, Alice "Joy" (McDonough)1932-2007stoneobit(m. Russell J. Green; p. Lloyd & Eva LaFreniere McDonough)
C35Green, Bridget E. (Gallagher)1861-1887stone(m. ? Green; p. Michael/Susan Mooney Gallagher, son "Young Bill" Green)
25Green, Catherine N. "Cass"1906-1954stone(p. John W. & Elizabeth Roddy Green)
24Green, Daniel C.1910-1979stone(m. Vera Jensen; p. John W. & Lizzy Roddy Green)
25Green, Elizabeth "Lizzy" (Roddy)1874-1937stone(m. John W. Green; p. Andrew & Catherine Roddy)
26Green, Erin C. 1900-1921stone(p. John W. & Lizzy Roddy Green)
25Green, John W. 1870-1963stoneobit(m. Elizabeth Roddy; p. White Dan & Bridget O'Donnell Greene)
?Green, Mary Cathleen -ns(1899-1899)(p. John W. & Elizabeth Roddy Green)
239Green, Mary H. "Pearl"1905-1982stone(p. John W & Lizzy Roddy Green)
26Green, Peter F. "Bunte"1912-1929stone(p. John W. & Elizabeth Roddy Green)
36Green, Russell J.1928-2010stoneobit(m. Alice "Joy" McDonough; p. Anthony & Mary Boyle Greene)
C33Green, William M. "Young Bill"1882-1963stoneobit(p. Bridget Gallagher Green)
16Greene, Anthony "Nig"1876-1950stone(m. Mary Boyle; p. White Dan & Bridget O'Donnell Greene)
C1 Greene, Bridget1843-1919stone(m. Red Dan Greene; p. John Greene)
120Greene, Bridget (O'Donnell)1851-1929stone(m. White Dan Greene; p. Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell)
120Greene, Daniel "McGinty"1871-1911stoneobit(p. White Dan & Bridget O'Donnell Greene)
250Greene, Daniel D. "Shang"1876-1967stone(p. Red Dan & Bridget Greene)
15Greene, Daniel J.1921-2003stoneobit(m. Ruby "Juanita" Goodman; p. Anthony & Mary Boyle Greene)
C1Greene, Daniel R. "Red Dan"1838-1915stoneobit(m. Bridget Greene; p. Michael & Mary Greene)
120Greene, Daniel W. "White Dan"1841-1908stone(m. Bridget O'Donnell; p. John "Shane" Greene)
250Greene, Edward D. -ns(1887-1978)(p. Red Dan & Bridget Greene)
16Greene, Frances1937-1937stone(p. Anthony & Mary Boyle Greene)
?Greene, Grace -ns(1871-1893)(d. Daniel "Red Dan" & Bridget Greene) died at age 23, native of Beaver Island
16Greene, Hubert1924-1944stone(p. Anthony & Mary Boyle Greene)
?Greene, John "Shane" -ns(1805-1880)(m. Sarah ? & Grace Rodgers; father of Daniel W. "White Dan" Greene)
120Greene, Joseph1893-1905stone(p. White Dan & Bridget O'Donnell Greene)
120Greene, Mary1885-1904stone(p. White Dan & Bridget O'Donnell Greene)
16Greene, Mary (Boyle)1897-1973stoneobit(m. Anthony "Nig" Greene; p. Red Hughie and Anna McDonough Boyle)
?Greene, Michael -ns(1868-1896)(p. Daniel "Red Dan" & Bridget Greene)
?Greene, Neil -ns(d. 1888)(brother of John "Shane" Greene) died at about age 70, native Arranmore, Ireland
?Greene, Nellie "Ellen" -ns(1880-1906)(p. Daniel "Red Dan" & Bridget Greene)
?Greene, Peter "Bogey" -ns(1831-1901) (p. Hugh & Bridget Gallagher Greene)
35Grill, Bernard W. 1916-1917stone(p. John & Margaret O'Donnell Grill)
2Hallahan, John M. "Jack"1915-1995stone(m. Ruth C. Scheuneman; p. John Hallahan)
2Hallahan, Ruth C. (Schuenemann)1919-2010stoneobit(m. John "Jack" Hallahan; p. Charles & Maude Schuenemann)
18Hamrock, James1857-1928stone(m. Mary Boyle)
18Hamrock, Mary (Boyle)1859-1927stone(m. James Hamrock; p. Daniel O. & Katcheline Gallagher Boyle)
20Hanley, John F.1934-1945stone(p. Joseph C. & Margaret A. Riorden Hanley)
20Hanley, Joseph C. 1902-1946stone(m. Margaret A. Riorden; p. J. Frank & Jane Gleason Hanley)
20Hanley, Margaret A. (Riorden)1905-1999stoneobit(m. Joseph C. Hanley)
20Hanley, Mary C. 1937-2016stoneobit(Gerald Hanley's sister, p. Joe & Margaret Riorden Hanley)
85Hannon, James M. 1946-2007stoneobit(m. Nancy Madiol, p. John W. and Rose McClory Hannon Sr.)
A5Hannon, John W. Jr. "Jack"1944-2008stoneobit(p. John W. and Rose McClory Hannon Sr.)
A5Hannon, Robert J. 1949-2003stoneobit(p. John W. and Rose McClory Hannon Sr.)
B20Hannon, William E., MD1943-2003stoneobit(p. John W. and Rose McClory Hannon Sr.)
267Harmon, Karl A. 1932-1998stone(m. Judith "Pinky" Harmon, p. Karl & Gladys Harmon)
257Hayhoe, Russell P. "Tink"1923-1984stone(p.Claude & Ethel Warner Hayhoe)
102Heflin, Arnold "Paul"1896-1985stoneobit(m. Helen M. Heflin; p. Elijah & Eleanor Heflin)
102Heflin, Helen Mary 1904-1982stone(m. Arnold P. Heflin)
181Henize, Irene (Palmer)1948-2002stoneobit(m. Marshall E. Henize; p. Clarence & Lorraine Boyle Palmer)
2Herrick, Clinton A.1858-1910stone(m. Margaret Dora Kane; p. Van & Sarah Herrick)
B8Hetherington, Alice (Layman)1918-2001stoneobit(m. John A. Hetherington)
B8Hetherington, Diane C.1943-2001stone(p. John A. & Alice Layman Hetherington)
B8Hetherington, John A. Jr. "Jack"1945-1992stone(p. John A. & Alice Layman Hetherington)
B8Hetherington, John A. Sr., MD1918-1996stone(m. Alice Layman Hetherington)
?High, Elisa (Oliver) -ns(d. 1916)(m. George High, p. John & Challon Oliver) died at age 36
193High, Esther (Lewis)1915-1942stone(m. George High; p. Harry & Josephine Wabanimkee Lewis)
193High, George -unmarked stone(1910-1934)stone(m. Esther Lewis)
247Hill, Henry L.1915-2018stoneobit(m. Mary Margaret Mayer)
247Hill, Mary Margaret (Mayer)1915-2005stone(m. Henry L. Hill)
54Hogan, Margaret E. "Sue" (Left) -ns(1941-1992)(m. Jack Hogan; p. Francis Carl and Anna Left)
246Hohut, Stephen M. 1919-1993stone(p. Francis & Marianne Nowak Chochut)
41Hooker, Jeffrey L. 1956-2006stone(p. Leroy J. & Patricia O'Donnell Hooker)
41Hooker, Leroy J. 1923-1989stone(m. Patricia O'Donnell, p. Walter & Grace Hooker)
41Hooker, Patricia M. (O'Donnell)1931-2017stoneobit(m. Leroy Hooker, p. James & Elsie Schmidt O'Donnell)
273Howard, Jacqueline A. (Verduin) 1931-2014stoneobit(m. Martin L. Howard; p. Russell & Gertrude Verduin)
273Howard, Martin "Lewis/Lewie"1928-1997stone(m. Jacqueline Ann Verduin)
A3Howing, Thomas -ns(1961-2021)obit(m. Mary McGuire; p. Fred & Ellen Siemsen Howing)
123Huston, Barbara T. (Nackerman)1928-2014stoneobit(m. Arthur Huston; p. Frank & Grace Campbell Nackerman)
13Jett, Antionette G. (Gallagher)1920-1939stone(m. Linton Jett; p. Hugh "The Devil" & Hannah Malloy Gallagher)
197Johnson, Cornelius -ns(1886-1908)(p. John & Hannah "Anna" Boyle Johnson)
197Johnson, Hannah "Anna" (Boyle) -ns(1856-1934)(m. John Johnson; p. Patrick PaideenOg & Ellen O'Donnell Boyle)
197Johnson, John1851-1903stone(m. Hannah "Anna" Boyle)
B13Johnson, Marie (Northcott) -ns(1943-2014)obit(m. Elling Z. Johnson; p. Obekiahi & Marjorie Organ Northcott)
197Johnston, James Leonard1912-1989stone(m. Lorraine Carlson; p. Mary Johnson/Johnston)
197Johnston, Lorraine (Carlson)1917-2006stone(m. James Leonard Johnston; p. John & Lilly Carlson)
197Johnston, Mary1886-1969stone(p. John & Hanna "Anna" Boyle Johnson)
197Johnston, Peter1879-1973stoneobit(p. John & Hanna "Anna" Boyle Johnson)
116Jones, Cyril J.1931-1959stone(m. Helen "Lila Lee" Connaghan; p. Roy & Nancy Armstrong)
116Jones, Helen I. "Lila" (Connaghan)1931-2007stoneobit (m. Cyril J. Jones & Max Selfridge; p. Hugh & Katie Malloy Connaghan)
B16Jones, Margaret (Armstrong)1936-1998stone(sister of Robert Armstrong; m. Donald L. Jones; p. Roy & Nancy Armstrong)
C1Jones, newborn twins -ns(1956-1956)(p. Cyril & Helen "Lila" Connaghan Jones)
B1Jones, Randall W. 1960-2008stone(m. Kimberly A. Connaghan)
7Jouzapaitis, C. Bernadine (McCauley)1912-2005stoneobit(m. Edward J. Jouzapaitis; p. Catherine "Cassie" McCauley)
7Jouzapaitis, Edward J. 1915-1986stone (m. C. Bernadine McCauley; p. Dominic & Anna Jouzapaitis)
C13Kane, Michael1836-1901stone(m. Anna Bonner; p. Thomas & Annie Kane)
74Karnes, Bridget A. (Clerkin)1953-1994stone(m. Evan B. Karnes; p. Jack & Joan Doyle Clerkin)
C17Kasky, Mary LeBlance (Smith)1859-1948stone(m. Fred Kaskey; p. Joseph & Mary Ann Debraie/O'Brien Smith)
247Keidel, Gerard E. "Gerry"1913-1992stone
?Kelly, Mary (O'Donnell) -ns(d. 1866)(m. John Kelly, p. Michael & Susan Sweeney O'Donnell) died at age 48, born Arranmore
160Kenwabikise, Aleta Doris1955-2003stoneobit(p. Paul David & Isabelle Wabinimkee Kenwabikise)
160Kenwabikise, Dennis M.1969-1982stone(p. John Paul Kenwabikise & Hermenia Moore)
?Kenwabikise, Elanore A. -ns(1943-1943)(p. Paul & Isabelle Wabinimkee Kenwabikise)
159Kenwabikise, Isabelle A. (Wabanimkee) & baby1919-1983stone(m. Paul David Kenwabikise; p. Simon & Nancy Cornstalk Wabanimkee)
160Kenwabikise, Jesse R.1967-1994stone(p. John Paul Kenwabikise & Hermenia Moore)
160Kenwabikise, John Paul, Jr.1965-1982stone(p. John Paul Kenwabikise & Hermenia Moore)
159Kenwabikise, John Paul, Sr. -ns (styrofoam cross)(1938-2012)obit(m. Hermenia Moore, p. Paul & Isabelle Wabinimke Kenwabikise)
194Kenwabikise, Joseph "Little Joe"1890-1958stoneobit(uncle of "Young Paul" who was Johnny Kenwabikise's father)
160Kenwabikise, Kenneth D.1966-1982stone(p. John Paul Kenwabikise & Hermenia Moore)
159Kenwabikise, Madeline (Simon) -ns(1883-1961)(m. Paul Kenwabikise; mother of Paul David Kenwabikise)
159Kenwabikise, Paul David "Chief"1917-1987stone(m. Isabella Wabinimkee, p. Paul & Madeline Simon Kenwabikise)
158Kenwabikise, Robert A.1950-2007stoneobit(p. Paul David & Isabella Wabinimkee Kenwabikise)
159Kenwabikise, Stephen D.1956-1998stoneobit(p. Paul David & Isabella Wabinimkee Kenwabikise)
160Kenwabikise, Trinity Grace2014-2014stoneobit(p. Patrick J. & Rachel N. Burger Kenwabikise)
?Keway, Andrew -ns(d. 1909)died at age 4
B1Kilmartin, Sandra "Sandy" (Inman) -ns1943-2022obit(m. James "Joe" Kilmartin; p. Harold & Gertrude Noppert Inman)
?Kinnely (spelling?), Patrick -ns(d. 1871)died at age 57, native of Co. Kerry, Ireland
19Klaub, Dorothy Alice (Baker)1912-2002stone(mother of Alice Heix Crown & Elizabeth Heix Black)
161Kurth, Anne (Gatliff)1942-2012stoneobit(m. Baynard Kurth; p. Tom & Mary Pat McDonough Gatliff)
214LaFreniere, Alberta M. (Gronke)1922-1974stoneobit(m. Joseph M. LaFreniere)
241LaFreniere, Archie aka Daniel Archie1912-1996stone(m. Francis Bernell Connaghan; p. Nels & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
221LaFreniere, baby -ns(p. Nelson & Cecelia "Sadie" Clement LaFreniere)
246LaFreniere, Carol A. (Schlacter)1944-2012stoneobit (m. Gerald LaFreniere; p. Clarence & Marie Schlacter)
221LaFreniere, Cecelia "Sadie" (Clement) 1855-1949stone(m. Nelson LaFreniere)
10LaFreniere, Clara "Jean" (Zeitler)1918-1996stone(p. John & Edith Nowland Zietler; m. Vernon Hugh "Dick" LaFreniere)
146LaFreniere, Eleanor (Herington)1923-2017stone(m. Norman M. Gallagher and Joseph M. "Bussey" LaFreniere)
240LaFreniere, Eleanor (Roche)1901-1980stone(m. Patrick W. LaFreniere, p. James & Elizabeth Roche)
91LaFreniere, Elizabeth F. (Floyd)1910-1986stone(m. Patrick W. LaFreniere; mother Annie Floyd)
241LaFreniere, Frances B. (Connaghan)1920-1990stone(m. Archie LaFreniere; p. Hugh & Katie Connaghan)
A5LaFreniere, Gerald N.1940-2008stoneobit(m. Carol Schlacter/Sandra Dudzik/Marie Connaghan; p. Dick/Musette Belfy LaFreniere)
91LaFreniere, Isabel G.1944-1971stone(p. Patrick & Elizabeth Floyd LaFreniere)
91LaFreniere, Jean C.1940-2019stoneobit(m. John Osmolinski & Harry Frazer; p. Patrick & Elizabeth Floyd LaFreniere)
91LaFreniere, John "Beaver John"1935-2013stoneobit(m. Glory A. Stiller; p. Patrick & Elizabeth Floyd LaFreniere)
214LaFreniere, Joseph M. "Bussey"1918-1995stone(m. Alberta M. Gronke; p. Nelson J & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
186LaFreniere, Josephine "Josie" (Belogna) -ns(1890-1919)(m. Archie LaFreniere & Les Devine; p. Joseph & Bridget Gallagher Belogna)
221LaFreniere, Nelson/Narcissus1852-1925stone(m. Cecelia "Sadie" Clement LaFreniere)
231LaFreniere, Nelson/Narcissus J. -LAFRENIERE stone1885-1945stone(m. Sophia Boyle; p. Nelson & Cecelia "Sadie" Clement LaFreniere)
240LaFreniere, Patrick W. 1910-1978stone(m. Elizabeth "Lizzy" Floyd & Eleanor Roche; p. Nelson J. & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
240LaFreniere, Paul V.1948-1991stone(p. Vernon "Dick" & Mussette Belfy LaFreniere)
A5LaFreniere, Sandra K. (Dudzik)1948-2001stoneobit(m. Gerald LaFreniere; p. Al & Helen Dudzik)
231LaFreniere, Sophia (Boyle)1885-1923stone(m. Nelson J. LaFreniere; p. Patrick "Paddy Hela" & Bridget Boyle)
231LaFreniere, Sophia Jr. 1923-1923stone(p. Nelson J & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
10LaFreniere, Vernon H. "Dick" 1914-1978stoneobit(m. Musette Belfy & Clara Jean Gallagher; p. Nels & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
221LaFreniere, Winifred1893-1919stone(p. Nelson J & Cecelia "Sadie" Clement LaFreniere)
65Lagerman, Betty Jean1924-1932stone(p. William "Bill Pat" & Margaret B. Left McDonough)
65Lagerman, Edward J. 1902-1983stone(m. Margaret B. Left; p. George & Margaret Schwartz Lagerman)
65Lagerman, Margaret B. (Left)1905-1951stone(m. Bill Pat McDonough/Edward Lagerman; p. Frank/Hannah Nora Dunlevy Left)
A2Lange, Philip F. MD1925-2009stone(m. Ethel Belle Dean; p. Herbert & Edna Wiedenmiller Lange)
54Left, Anna Belle (Gornell)1908-1982stone(m. Francis Carl Left; p. Howard & Annie Clark Gornell)
C74Left, Bridget (Barr)1835-1898stone(m. Joseph Left; mother of Frank Joseph Left, p. Patrick Barr)
54Left, Consuella (Gillespie)1905-1929stone(m. Francis Carl Left; p. Francis "Ket" & Mary Ann Boyle Gillespie)
54Left, Francis Carl "Carl"1902-1952stone(m. Consuella Gillespie & AnnaBelle Gornell; p. Frank & Hannah Dunlevy Left)
235Left, Francis E. "Bud"1929-2014stoneobit(m. Lillian M. Greene; p. Francis "Carl" and Helen Gillespie Left)
54Left, Frank J. "Butch" 1941-1989stone (p. Francis "Carl" & Annabelle Gornell Left)
65Left, Frank Joseph1865-1933stone(m. Hannah Nora Dunlevy; p. Joseph & Bridget Kelly Left)
65Left, Hannah N. (Dunlevy)1876-1937stone(m. Frank J. Left; p. Francis Sam & Bridget "Biddy Sam" Gallagher Dunlevy)
C73Left, Joseph1834-1909stone(m. Bridget Barr; father of Frank Joseph Left)
134Left, Joseph A.1901-1953stone(m. Veronica S. Gallagher Left; p. Frank & Nora Dunlevy Left)
C74Left, Margaret (Malloy)1860-1878stone(buried with Joseph/Bridget Barr Left, p. Bridget Left, step-daughter of Joseph)
134Left, Veronica S. (Gallagher)1901-1963stoneobit(m. Joseph A. Left; p. William J & Margaret Boyle Gallagher)
134Left, William John "Jack"1930-1985stone(p. Joseph & Veronica S. Gallagher Left)
193Lewis, Harry1876-1955stone(m. Josephine Wabanimike, p. Burr & Esther Sill Lewis)
193Lewis, Josephine (Wabinimke)1893-1956stone(m. Harry Lewis, p. George and Angeline Wabinimke)
194Lewis, Mabel H.1925-1927stone(p. Harry and Josephine Wabanimike Lewis)
?Lighton, John Howard -ns(1899-1919)(p. John C. & Hannah Gallagher Lighton)
?Lighton, Hanna (Gallagher) -ns(1872-1912)(m. John Lighton, p. Bernard & Catherine Malloy Gallagher)
?Link/Left, Child -ns(1899-1899)(p. Frank & Hannah Dunlevy Left)
17Lockton, Betty (Cull) -bapt. Mary Elizabeth1915-2001stoneobit(m. Stanley Lockton; p. Mike & Mabel Connaghan Cull)
63Long, Rita C. (McCauley)1926-1995stone(m. Dennis W. Long; p. Peter O. & Elizabeth Ricksgers McCauley)
?Looney, Patrick -ns(d. 1871)died at age 75, native of Co. Mayo, Ireland
B2Lounsberry, Harold E. 1940-2009stoneobit(m. Sally Niedbala; p. Harold "Ted" & Anita Eckert Lounsberry)
B2Lounsberry, Sally S. (Niedbala)1942-2023stoneobit(m. Harold E. Lounsberry; p. Leonard J. & Grace E. Przyslawski Niedbala)
B30Loveley, Edward D.1942-2013stoneobit(m. Susan Margaret unknown)
12Madigan, Dennis J.1939-2001stoneobit(m. Jacqueline Daneau; p. John Madigan & Jessie Adkins)
?Malloy, Ann -ns(d. 1880)died at about age 90, native of Co. Sligo, Ireland
4Malloy, Anthony1860-1929stone(m. Bridget Boyle, p. Daniel & Fannie O'Donnell Malloy)
C55Malloy, Bridget(1871-1880)stone(p. Daniel & Fannie O'Donnell Malloy)
?Malloy, Bridget -ns(d. 1893)(m. Thomas "Erie" Malloy, p. John "Mahone" & Bridget Boyle O'Donnell) died age 38
C72Malloy, Bridget (Boyle)1863-1902stone(m. Anthony Malloy; p. Daniel & Katcheline Mor Gallagher Boyle)
C91Malloy, Bridget T. (Boyle)1862-1898stone(m. John P. Malloy; p. Michael & Hannah Boyle)
?Malloy, Catharine (Gallagher) -ns(1856-1897)(m. John D. Malloy, p. Dominick & Mary Greene Gallagher) died at age 41, born Canada
C55Malloy, Daniel(1813-1877)stone(m. Frances "Fannie" O'Donnell)
?Malloy, Edward -ns(d. 1888)(children Grace, Hannah, Catherine & Bridget) died at age 90, native of Arranmore, Ire.
4Malloy, Ethel (McDonough)1890-1963stone(m. Lawrence J. Malloy; p. Peter & Mary Ann Kelly McDonough)
C55Malloy, Frances "Fannie" (O'Donnell)(1822-1877)stone(m. Daniel Malloy; p. Hugh & Bridget Greene O'Donnell)
13Malloy, Frances Regina1896-1963stone(p. Anthony & Bridget Boyle Malloy)
119Malloy, Johanna "Hannah" (McCauley)1870-1907stone(m. Philip D. Malloy; p. Peter E "Black Pete" & Ellen Malloy McCauley)
74Malloy, John "Monty" aka William John1882-1932stone(m. Katherine "Kate" Cull, p. John "Buffalo" & Bridget Boyle Malloy)
A6Malloy, John D.1939-2014stone(m. Patricia C. Breen, p. Austin & Leona Haines Malloy)
C90Malloy, John P. "Buffalo"1857-1937stone(m. Bridget T. Boyle & Mary O'Donnell Cull; p. Patrick & Mary Mooney Malloy)
?Malloy, John William -ns(1911-1911)died at 12 days old
4Malloy, Joseph Lawrence1893-1970stone(m. Ethel McDonough; p. Anthony & Bridget Boyle Malloy)
4Malloy, Lawrence J. "Babe"1927-2009stoneobit(m. Joanne Spaulding; p. Lawrence J. & Ethel McDonough Malloy)
81Malloy, Loretta Loyola "Loy"1925-2008stoneobit(p. Lawrence J. & Ethel McDonough Malloy)
250Malloy, Mary (O'Donnell) Cull(1856)-1928stone(m. Dennis Cull & John Malloy; p. Daniel "Labbly" & Mary O'Donnell)
?Malloy, Mary (Mooney) -ns(1822-1913)(m. Patrick Malloy, p. Cornelius & Susan Boyle Mooney)
4Malloy, Mercedes1924-1924stone(p. Lawrence J. and Ethel McDonough Malloy)
?Malloy, Michael -ns(1893-1893)(p. Thomas & Bridget O'Donnell Malloy)
?Malloy, Patrick -ns(1865-1879)(p. Patrick & Mary Mooney Malloy)
?Malloy, Patrick -ns(1809-1880)(m. Mary Mooney)
13Malloy, Phillip D. 1863-1939stone(m. Hannah/Johanna McCauley; p. Daniel & Fannie O'Donnell Malloy)
4Malloy, Robert V. 1922-1993stone(p. Lawrence J. & Ethel McDonough Malloy)
4Malloy, Terrence K.1933-1933stone(p. Lawrence J. & Ethel McDonough Malloy)
13Malloy, Thomas -ns(1869-1958)(p. Daniel & Francis O'Donnell Malloy)
?Malloy, Thomas "Erie" -ns(1850-1936)(m. Bridget O'Donnell, p. Patrick & Mary Mooney Malloy)
?Malloy, Thomas-ns(1893-1894)(p. Thomas & Bridget O'Donnell Malloy)
?Malloy, William -ns(1908-1909)(p. John "Monty" & Kate Cull Malloy)
C88Maloney, John P.1867-1954stone(m. Elizabeth Barrett; p. Patrick & Mary O'Malley Maloney)
C88Maloney, Mary (O'Malley) -ns(1829-1917)(m. Patrick Maloney Sr.; p. Michael O'Malley)
C87Maloney, Patrick Sr. -ns(1815-1899)(m. Mary O'Malley)
C88Malowney, Patrick (Maloney)(1865)-1891stone(p. Patrick & Mary Maloney)
1Martin, Ada (Burke) -aka Bridget Ada1905-1969stone(m. John J. Martin; p. Thomas & Mamie Gallagher Burke)
23Martin, Bernard J. "Barney/Briney"1867-1942stone(m. Mary C. Floyd; p. James & Catherine McCarthy Martin)
3Martin, Bridget (Gillespie) -ns(1875-1930)(m. Dan Martin, p. John & Mary Dunlevy Gillespie)
101Martin, Candis Helen1941-1959stone(m. Walter James "Billy" Martin)
?Martin Catherine (McCarthy) -ns(d. 1889)(m. James Martin) died at age 65, native of Co. Mayo, Ireland
C25Martin, Catherine (McCann)1878-1900stone(m. Edward Martin; p. James & Margaret Murray McCann)
3Martin, Charles I. 1906-1984stone(m. Marion E. McGinnis; p. James "Shing" & Nellie Johnson Martin)
3Martin, Daniel J. -MARTIN stone(1856-1923)stone(m. Bridget Gillespie; p. James & Catherine McCarthy Martin)
?Martin, Edward -ns(1872-1923)(m. Catherine McCann, p. James & Catherine McCarthy Martin)
197Martin, Elmer1902-1904stoneon side of John Johnson stone (p. James & Nellie Johnson Martin)
2Martin, Emmett -aka Daniel Emmett1947-2007stoneobit(m. Nancy McDiarmid; p. Charles & Marion McGinnis Martin)
2Martin, Ernie aka Francis Ernest1947-2005stoneobit(m. Jacqueline Hallahan; p. Charles/Marion McGinnis Martin)
3Martin, Erwin Charles -aka Charles Erwin1943-1997stoneobit(m. Alice Travis; p. Charles & Marion McGinnis Martin)
?Martin, Grace -ns(1867-1869)(p. Michael & Jane Wilson Martin)
?Martin, James -ns(1826-1889)(m. Catherine McCarthy, p. Michael & Grace Freel Martin)
1Martin, James J. "Shing' -MARTIN stone(1864-1950)stone(m. Nellie Johnson; p. James & Catherine McCarthy Martin)
3Martin, James Lee1937-1989stoneobit(p. Charles & Marion McGinnis Martin)
1Martin, John J. 1904-1959stone(m. Ada Bridget Burke; p. James "Shing" & Nellie Johnson Martin)
23Martin, John R.1903-1974stoneobit(p. Bernard "Briney" & Mary Floyd Martin)
3Martin, Keith J. -ns(1964-2015)(p. Erwin Charles & Alice Travis Martin)
3Martin, Marion E. (McGinnis)1915-1987stone (m. Charles I Martin; p. Joseph & Sarah Burns McGinnis)
23Martin, Mary C. (Floyd)1879-1959stone(m. Bernard "Briney" Martin; p. John & Mary Palmer Floyd)
?Martin, Mary Clare -ns(1925-1925)(p. John & Ada Burke Martin)
3Martin, Mary Jane1956-2020stone(d. of Charles & Marion McGinnis Martin)
3Martin, Mary L.1966-2009stone(p. Erwin C. & Alice Travis Martin)
?Martin, Michael -ns(1866-1866)(p. John & Mary Wilson Martin)
1Martin, Nellie (Johnson) -MARTIN stone(1882-1939)stone(m. James "Shing" Martin; p. John & Hannah Boyle Johnson)
1Martin, Thomas E. "Jackie" -ns(1948-2012)obit(p. John & Ada Burke Martin)
B19Martin, Wilbur J. 1900-1963stone(m. Sarah Gallagher, p. Jamees"Shing" & Nellie Johnson Martin)
197Martin, Wilbur J. Jr. -ns(1930-1931)(p. Wilbur J. & Sarah Gallagher Martin)
A29Masini, Kay (McDonough)1936-2020stoneobit(m. Donald Masini; p. Roland H. "Bruce" & Sarah "Sadie" Gallagher McDonough
115Matela, Grace (Boyle)1937-2005stoneobit(m. Raymond Matela; p. Jack & Beatrice O'Donnell Boyle)
115Matela, Raymond A.1930-(2020)stoneobit(m. Grace Boyle; p. John & Helen Matela)
115Matela, Thomas 1963-2019stoneobit(p. Raymond & Grace Boyle Matela)
21Maudrie, Edward W. 1960-1994stoneobit(m. Kathy Gillespie; p. Clarence & Norma Maudrie)
261Mayo, Bryant L.1929-1994stone(m. Mossie F. Lewis)
70McCafferty, Arthur J. "Lano"1923-1989stone(p. James A. and Lizzie Tetzloff McCafferty)
70McCafferty, Bernard "Barney/Rory"1855-1935stone(m. Grace Ann Boyle; p. Michael & Mary O'Donnell McCafferty)
70McCafferty, Blanche -aka Beatrice Blanche1900-1936stone(p. Bernard & Grace Boyle McCafferty)
95McCafferty, Donald R.1934-2015stoneobit(m. Rosalyn Gall, p. James & Elizabeth Tetsloff McCafferty)
?McCafferty, Edward -ns(1887-1894)(p. Bernard & Grace Ann Boyle McCafferty)
?McCafferty, Francis -ns(1893-1894)(p. Bernard & Grace Ann Boyle McCafferty)
68McCafferty, Francis1867-1925stone(m. Nellie Dunlevy; p. Michael & Mary O'Donnell McCafferty)
70McCafferty, Grace Ann (Boyle)1859-1938stone(m. Barney McCafferty; p. Edward & Bridget Gallagher Boyle)
70McCafferty, James A. Sr. 1898-1935stone(m. Elizabeth Tetsloff; p. Bernard & Grace Boyle McCafferty)
94McCafferty, John B. "Bing"1922-1988stone(m. T. Madonna McDonough; p. James & Elizabeth Tetsloff McCafferty)
109McCafferty, Lanty -aka Francis Lanty1872-1906stone(m. Mary Bonner; p. Michael & Mary O'Donnell McCafferty)
68McCafferty, Lanty -aka Michael Lanty1910-1932stone(p. Francis & Nellie Dunlevy McCafferty)
94McCafferty, Madonna (McDonough)1930-2009stoneobit(m. John "Bing" McCafferty; p. Bert & Mary Boyle McDonough)
?McCafferty, Mary (O'Donnell) -ns(1828-1915)(m. Michael McCafferty, p. Anthony & Nora Gallagher O'Donnell) died at age 86
?McCafferty, Michael -ns(d. 1902)(m. Mary O'Donnell, p. Bernard & Hannah Gallagher McCafferty) died at age 86
?McCafferty, Patrick -ns(1891-1894)(p. Bernard & Grace Ann Boyle McCafferty)
95McCafferty, Rosalyn (Gall)1937-2016stone(m. Donald R. McCafferty)
115McCann, Anna (Dunlevy)1878-1961stone(m. Michael McCann; p. Francis & Bridget Gallagher Dunlevy)
112McCann, Charles J.1899-1971stone(brother of Kathryn McCann Dunbar; p. John & Grace Martin McCann)
115McCann, Dorothy R. (Gallagher)1916-2001stoneobit(m. John Giles McCann; p. James & Killty Allers Gallagher)
5McCann, Edna Mae (Belfy)1914-1993stone(m. James McCann; p. William & Alice Johnson Belfy)
113McCann, Grace A. (Martin)1871-1946stone(m. John D. McCann; p. James & Catherine McCarthy Martin)
113McCann, James E.1901-1954stone(m. Edna Belfy McCann; p. John & Grace McCann)
C25McCann, James Jr. 1876-1901stone(p. James & Margaret Murray McCann)
C25McCann, James Sr. 1838-1927stone(m. Margaret Murray)
115McCann, John "Giles"1915-2000stone(m. Dorothy Gallagher McCann; p. Michael & Anna Dunlevy McCann)
113McCann, John D. 1869-1930stone(m. Grace Martin McCann; p. James & Margaret Murray McCann)
C25McCann, Margaret (Murray)(1848)-1897stone(m. James McCann)
136McCann, Margaret Irene (Gallagher)1898-1925stone(m. Ulysses J. McCann; p. William J. & Margaret Gallagher)
115McCann, Michael J.1873-1938stone(m. Anna Dunlevy; p. James & Margaret Murray McCann)
127McCann, Stephen J. 1944-2001stone(p. John Giles & Dorothy Gallagher McCann)
142McCann, Thomas1898-1908stone(p. James & Rose Gallagher McCann)
135McCann, Ulysses J. - GALLAGHER stone(1893-1939)stone(m. Margaret Irene Gallagher; p. John & Grace Martin McCann)
?McCauley, Alice (Gallagher) -ns(1834-1919)(m. James F. McCauley, p. James Napper Tandy & Kitty O'Donnell Gallagher)
C99McCauley, Anne "Nancy" (Gallagher)1801-1882stone(m. Frank McCauley)
C14McCauley, Bridget (Correy)1831-1893stone(m. Daniel McCauley; p. John Correy)
236McCauley, Bridget (Gallagher)1858-1925stone(m. Frank McCauley, p. Manus & Bella Gallagher)
?McCauley, Catherine -ns(d. 1945)died at age 69 of burns at St. Ann's Hospital, resident of Chicago
?McCauley, Catherine (O'Donnell) -ns(d. 1891)(m. Edward McCauley, p. John & Hannah Boyle O'Donnell)
?McCauley, Catherine -ns(d. 1918)(possibly wife of Owen Francis McCauley) died Aug 1918
C38McCauley, Catherine C. "Cassie"1885-1917stone(p. John F. & Katchlin McCauley)
63McCauley, Clara E.1923-1923stone(p. Peter O. & Elizabeth Ricksgers McCauley)
C97McCauley, Connell "Condy"1826-1902stone(m. Mary Gallagher; p. Frank & Anne "Nancy" McCauley)
C14McCauley, Daniel1817-1904stone(m. Bridget Correy)
?McCauley, Edward -ns(d. 1909)(m. Catherine O'Donnell, p. Bernard & Nora Gallagher McCauley) died at age 90
119McCauley, Edward P.1862-1912stone(p. Peter E. "Black Pete" & Mary "Ellen" Malloy McCauley)
120McCauley, Edward Uriel1931-2018stoneobit(m. Shirley; p. Frances U. McCauley, grandfather Edward P. McCauley)
63McCauley, Elizabeth (Ricksgers)1895-1980stone(m. Peter O. McCauley, p. Henry & Elizabeth Schmidt Ricksgers)
C98McCauley, Francis O. "Frank"1798-1885stone(m. Anne "Nancy" Gallagher)
?McCauley, Francis -ns(1865-1893)(p. James & Alice Gallagher McCauley)
236McCauley, Frank1858-1932stone(m. Bridget Gallagher; p. Condy & Mary Gallagher McCauley)
C98McCauley, Frank(1871)-1886stone(p. Patrick & Mary McCauley)
?McCauley, James F. -ns(d. 1918)(m. Alice Gallagher, p. Frank & Ann Nancy Gallagher McCauley) b. about 1832
?McCauley, James J. -ns(1867-1894)(p. James F. & Alice Gallagher McCauley)
7McCauley, John A. 1910-1975stoneobit(p. Catherine "Cassie" McCauley)
?McCauley, John E. -ns(d. 1893)died at age 27, native of Arranmore, Co. Donegal, Ireland
C39McCauley, John F. 1837-1909stone(m. Katchlin O'Donnell; p. Francis O. & Anne "Nancy" Gallagher McCauley)
?McCauley, John J. -ns(1878-1895)(p. John & Catherine O'Donnell McCauley)
C38McCauley, Katchlin/Catherine (O'Donnell)1842-1919stone(m. John F. McCauley)
?McCauley, Mary (Gallagher) -ns(1836-1919)(m. Conn McCauley, p. James Napper Tandy & Kitty Gallagher)
C97McCauley, Mary(1874)-1889stone(p. Condy & Mary Gallagher McCauley)
68McCauley, Mary Marcella (McCafferty)1908-2004stoneobit(m. Eugene C. McCauley; p. Francis & Nellie McCafferty)
C11McCauley, Michael "Mack"1887-1910stoneobit(p. Charles & Anna Early McCauley)
?McCauley, Owen Francis -ns(1837-1919)(m. Kitty Gallagher, p. Frank & Ann Nancy Gallagher McCauley)
?McCauley, Owen James -ns(1871-1906)(p. James F. & Alice Gallagher McCauley)
?McCauley, Owen -ns(d. 1891)died at age 21, native of Arranmore Island, Donegal Co, Ireland
C14McCauley, P. D. 1862-1906stone(possibly Peter McCauley, son of Daniel & Bridget Correy McCauley)
?McCauley, Patrick James -ns(1874-1898)(p. James F. & Alice Gallagher McCauley)
63McCauley, Peter O.1882-1940stone(m. Elizabeth Ricksgers; p. Owen F. & Kittie Gallagher McCauley)
105McCauley, Thomas1873-1954stone(possibly son of Daniel & Bridget Correy McCauley)
?McCormick, Joseph -ns(1906-1906)died at 1 day old, born in St. James
30McDermott, M. Victoria (Connaghan)1921-2003stoneobit(m. Wm. Bennett, Elmer Dudley & Rbt. McDermott; p. Hugh & Katie Connaghan)
76McDonald, Andrew N.1935-1935stone(p. John Charles & Mary Ellen Gallagher McDonald)
164McDonald, Anna A.1904-1947stone(p. Donald Raymond & Ella Nellie Roddy McDonald)
164McDonald, Ella (Roddy)1875-1944stone(m. Raymond Donald McDonald; p. Andrew & Catherine McBride Roddy)
164McDonald, Raymond aka Donald Raymond1874-1908stone(m. Ella Roddy; p. Donald R. & Bridget O'Donnell McDonald)
130McDonough, Anthony "Chine" -stone cross with anchor(1893-1924)stone(p. Patrick & Ellen O'Donnell McDonough, Clifton disaster)
84McDonough, Bertrand J. 1898-1974stone(m. Mary Turner Boyle; p. Pat Vesty & Ellen O'Donnell McDonough)
142McDonough, Bridget -ns(d. 1912)died at age 32
28McDonough, Bridget (O'Donnell) -MCDONOUGH stone(1854-1929)stone(m. D. McDonald/H. Connaghan/L. McDonough, p. Owen/Hannah Early O'Donnell)
9McDonough, Bruce aka Robert Bruce1931-1975stone(m. Mary Gretchen Barkley; p. Lloyd & Eva LaFreniere McDonough)
148McDonough, Bruce aka Roland Hugh1907-1937stone(m. Sarah "Sadie" Gallagher; p. Sylvester & Mary Connaghan McDonough)
?McDonough, Catherine (Kane) -ns(1832-1902)(m. Thomas 'Val" McDonough, p. Thomas and Annie Kane)
84McDonough, Donald A. "Topper"1927-1996stone(m. Jeanette Thompson; p. Bert & Mary Turner Boyle McDonough)
219McDonough, Edna G. (Johnson)1932-2020stoneobit(m. Joseph L. "Bud" McDonough, p. Ralph & Marie McGeath Johnson)
128McDonough, Ellen O'Donnell1857-1919stone(m. Patrick McDonough; p. Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell)
9McDonough, Eva C. (LaFreniere)1908-1964stone(m. Lloyd McDonough; p. Nelson "Nels" & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
223McDonough, Gordon aka Thomas1899-1917stone(p. James Vesty & Catherine McDonough)
129McDonough, Helen (Correy)1832-1916stone(m. Sylvester McDonough; p. John Correy)
?McDonough, James C. "Carey" -ns(1868-1941)(m Mary unknown, p. Thomas "Val" & Catherine Kane McDonough)
222McDonough, James Vesty1868-1919stone(m. Katherine Gallagher; p. Sylvester & Ellen Correy McDonough)
C101McDonough, Jessie Genevieve1900-1902stone(p. Sylvester & Mary Connaghan McDonough)
79McDonough, Joseph J. "Nuke Joe"1953-1986stoneobit(p. John William McDonough and Rachel Mary "Rae" Oien)
219McDonough, Joseph L. "Bud"1929-1981stone(m. Edna G. "Skip" Johnson; p. Lloyd & Eva LaFreniere McDonough)
233McDonough, Kate (O'Donnell) -MCDONOUGH stone(1861-1936)stone(m. Thomas McDonough; p. John & Bridget O'Donnell) aka Kate/Kitty
222McDonough, Katherine (Gallagher)1876-1919stone(m. James Vesty McDonough; p. Philip & Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
28McDonough, Lawrence "Vesty" -MCDONOUGH stone(1868-1926)stone(m. Bridget O'Donnell; p. Sylvester "Vesty" & Ellen Correy McDonough)
243McDonough, Lawrence M.1914-2015stoneobit(m. Winifred LaFreniere; p. Sylvester and Mary Connaghan McDonough)
9McDonough, Lloyd S.1903-1972stone(m. Eva C. LaFreniere; p. Sylvester & Mary Connaghan McDonough)
219McDonough, Logan M.1995-2011stoneobit(p. Todd and Julie Jarvie McDonough)
128McDonough, Martin "Dave" -ns(1896-1933)(p. Pat Vesty & Ellen O'Donnell McDonough)
?McDonough, Mary -ns(1918-1918)(p. Sylvester & Ellen Corey McDonough)
84McDonough, Mary L. (Boyle)1903-2000stone(m. Bert McDonough; p. Daniel & Maggie Gallagher Boyle)
210McDonough, Mary V. (Connaghan)1879-1968stone(m. Sylvester Vesty McDonough; p. Hugh/Bridget O'Donnell Connaghan)
128McDonough, Patrick "Pat Vesty"1862-1947stone(m. Ellen O'Donnell; p. Sylvester & Ellen Correy McDonough)
210McDonough, Robert J. "Holiday" 1918-1991stone(m. Charlotte Martin; p. Sylvester and Mary Connaghan McDonough)
9McDonough, Ronald Bruce1957-2021stoneobit(p. Robert Bruce & Gretchen Barkley McDonough)
128McDonough, Sophia R. "Ellen" (Haugen)1900-1976stone(m. William "Bill Pat" McDonough; p. Lars & Margo Hugo Haugen)
210McDonough, Sylvester "Vesty" Jr.1871-1949stone(m. Mary Connaghan; p. Sylvester and Ellen Correy McDonough)
129McDonough, Sylvester Sr. 1830-1916stone(m. Helen Correy; p. Lawrence McDonough)
148McDonough, Terrence J.1935-1935stone(p. Hugh R. "Bruce" & Sara "Sadie" Gallagher McDonough)
?McDonough, Thomas -ns(1856-1887)(p. Sylvester & Ellen Corey McDonough)
?McDonough, Thomas "Val" -ns(1819-1903)(m. Catherine Kane McDonough, father of Anna McDonough Boyle)
233McDonough, Thomas J. Jr. 1895-1924stone(p. Thomas & Catherine O'Donnell McDonough)
233McDonough, Thomas J. Sr. -MCDONOUGH stone1858-1936stone(m. Katherine O'Donnell; p. Thomas "Val" & Catherine Kane McDonough)
128McDonough, William C. "Bill Pat"1892-1951stone(m. Sophia Haugen; p. Pat Vesty & Ellen O'Donnell McDonough)
243McDonough, Winifred (LaFreniere)1920-2009stoneobit(m. Lawrence McDonough; p. Nels & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
?McGee, Anna (McDonough) -ns(1860-1884)(m. James McGee, p. Sylvester & Ellen Correy McDonough)
49McGinness, Joseph L.1888-1960stone(m. Sarah Burns; p. Joseph & Sara O'Connor McGinness)
49McGinness, Sarah (Burns)1887-1949stone(m. Joseph McGinnes; p. John & Lovicey Butler Burns)
?McGlandry, Ann (Rodgers) -ns(1802-1896)(m. Charles McGlandry, mother of Grace McGlandry Gallagher)
261McNew, Roberta Jo (Schwartz)1946-2018stone(m. Stephen H. McNew)
28Mellville, Bridget T. "Tess" (Connaghan) 1890-1950stone(m. C. "Matt" Mellville; p. Hugh & Bridget O'Donnell Connaghan)
28Mellville, Matt -aka Christopher1890-1975stoneobit(m. Tess Connaghan; p. J.S. & Catherine Mellville)
80Miller, baby -ns(1922-1923) (p. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller)
229Miller, Bernadine R. "Bernie" -ns(1954-2019)obit(p. George & Martha Miller)
229Miller, George F. 1913-1987stone(m. Martha Hnatik, p. Arthur & Ethel Webster Miller)
59Miller, Lawrence L. 1941-2017stoneobit(m. Ann Malloy; p. Lawrence and Gaytha Culbert Miller)
229Miller, Martha M. (Hnatik)1914-1988stone(married George Miller, p. Jack & Bertha Hnatik)
91Minor, Archie M. 1923-1995stone(m. Mary C. LaFreniere; p. Edward & Valerie Minor)
91Minor, Mary C. (LaFreniere)1932-2003stoneobit(m. Archie M. Minor; p. Patrick & Lizzy Floyd LaFreniere)
?Mitchell, Angeline -ns(d. 1938)(m. Dan Mitchell) died at age 73 in Ann Arbor, resident of St. James
?Mitchell, Daniel -ns(d. 1935)(m. Angeline) resident of St. James
?Mitchell, Mary -ns(d. 1906)died at age 37, found dead on the road
?Mooney, Agnes -ns(1887-1888)(p. James & Hannah "Norah" McCafferty Mooney)
288Mooney, Eleanor (Pischner)1941-2009stone(m. Ladonis F. Mooney; p. Elston & Lovicy O'Donnell Pischner)
288Mooney, Elizabeth A. (Tetsloff) McCafferty1902-1995stone(m. James A. McCafferty & Francis J. Mooney, p. John & Florence Patten Tetsloff)
288Mooney, Francis J.1896-1980stone(m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Tetsloff McCafferty; p. James & Hannah McCafferty Mooney)
288Mooney, Hannah (McCafferty)1850-1934stone(m. James Mooney; p. Michael & Mary McCafferty)
288Mooney, James1836-1917stone(m. Hannah McCafferty; p. Cornelius & Susan Boyle Mooney)
288Mooney, James Jr. 1889-1947stone(p. James & Hannah McCafferty Mooney)
85Mooney, John -ns(1867-1947)(p. Owen & Mary Gallagher Mooney)
288Mooney, Ladonis F.1936-2015stoneobit(m. Eleanor Pischner, p. Francis & Elizabeth Tetsloff Pischner)
?Mooney, Mary (O'Donnell) -ns(1835-1913)(m. Owen Mooney, p. Hugh & Margaret O'Donnell Mooney)
?Mooney, Owen -ns(d. 1887)(m. Mary Gallagher, p. Owen & Mary Mullen Mooney) died at age 52, b. Arranmore, Ire.
?Moore, Francis -ns(d. 1893)died at 18 months, native of Cheboygan, Michigan
A3Moore, Phyllis J. (Gregg)1948-2021stone(m. Joseph A. Moore, p. Phillip & Lillian MacDonald Gregg)
8Mulhern, Ann (McCauley)1877-1941stone(m. Henry White & Joseph Mulhern; p. John & Catherine O'Donnell McCauley)
A8Murray, Raymond H. 1925-2009stone
124Nackerman, Frank J. 1903-1992stone(m. Grace M. Campbell; p. Fred & Mary Ann McCauley Nackerman)
125Nackerman, Frederick G. 1857-1946stone(m. Mary Ann McCauley; p. Mike & Josephine Art Nackerman)
124Nackerman, Grace M. (Campbell)1906-1993stone(m. Frank J. Nackerman)
125Nackerman, Mary Ann (McCauley)1865-1946stone(m. Frederick G. Nackerman; p. Pete & Ellen Malloy McCauley)
125Nackerman, Rodney C. 1930-2015stoneobit(m. Ruth Ann Robbins; p. Frank J & Grace Campbell Nackerman)
124Nackerman, Ruth Ann (Robbins)1932-1983stone(m. Rodney C. Nackerman)
?Nanigaw, Peter -ns(1897-1941)(p. Peter & Jenny Smith Nanigaw)
?Napont, Casper -ns(1842-1944)died at age 102, resident of St. James
?Nanigaw, Henry -ns(1919-1942)(p. George & Hettie Nanigaw)
?Napont, Ida (Wabanimkee) -ns(1903-1941)(m. Peter Napont, p. John & Angeline Peet Wabanimkee)
?Nines, Mary -ns(d. 1943)died at age 66, resident of St. James, brother Joe Wabiskimbims (spelling?)
A7Nix, Wayne W. 1942-1999stone
108Nixon, Mae Alta1910-1910stone(p. George "Fred" & Mary "Mae Loretta" Boyle Nixon)
170Nugent, Elizabeth D. "Liz" (Palmer)1964-2000stone(p. Robert Nugent and Elizabeth Grace Palmer)
43O'Brien, Adaline (Brown) -O'Brien stone(1857-1937)stone(m. John O'Brien; p. Charles & Julia Bush Brown)
?O'Brien, Anna Laura -ns(1884-1887)(p. John & Adeline Brown O'Brien)
43O'Brien, John -"Father" stone 1854-1951stone(m. Adaline Brown; p. Edward & Rosalie Jane Debraie) + "Father"
43O'Brien, Tellis (Twining) -ns(1875-1969)(m. Wilfred O'Brien; p. Henry & Harriet Twining)
43O'Brien, Wilfred -aka Charles(1888-1954)stone(m. Tellis Twining; p. John & Adaline Brown O'Brien)
42O'Donnell, Agnes (O'Brien)1879-1958stone(m. Wm. Bestman & Bernard D. O'Donnell; p. John/Adeline Brown O'Brien)
?O'Donnell, Ann -ns(d. 1879)died at age 20, native of Beaver Island
52O'Donnell, Anthony1864-1960stone(p. Bernard & Margaret Curran O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Anthony -ns(1864-1947)(p. Barney & Margaret Curran O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Anthony "Old Salty" -ns(1815-1912)(m. Hannah Early, p. Hugh & Bridget Greene O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Anthony -ns(1826-1893)(m. Sophia O'Donnell, p. Michael & Susan Sweeney O'Donnell)
107O'Donnell, Anthony J. 1902-1989stone(m. Leona Rosco; p. Peter Anthony & Mary Ann Maloney O'Donnell)
52O'Donnell, baby -ns(1919-1919)(p. Joseph & Annie Gallagher O'Donnell) stillbon
41O'Donnell, Bernard1914-2000stone(m. Kay Kleofa Danosevich; p. James D. & Elsie Schmidt O'Donnell)
52O'Donnell, Bernard D. 1890-1967stone(m. Agnes O'Brien, p. Daniel B & Isabelle Doughtery O'Donnell)
24O'Donnell, Bernard J. "John Barney"1889-1921stone(m. Eva O'Rourke; p. John Barney & Emma Boyle O'Donnell)
C18O'Donnell, Bernard -stone reads B.O.D.(1829-1906)stone(m. Margaret Curran; p. Anthony & Nora Gallagher O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Bridget -ns(d. 1890)died at age 65, native of Arranmore Island
?O'Donnell, Bridget -ns(d. 1879)died at age 100, native of Arranmore, Co. Donegal, Ireland
?O'Donnell, Bridget -ns(1891-1894)(p. John Barney & Emma Boyle O'Donnell)
C61O'Donnell, Bridget (Boyle)1825-1910stone(m. John M. "Mahane" O'Donnell; p. Jack & Catherine Boyle)
39O'Donnell, Bridget (Burns)1894-1951stone(m. William W. O'Donnell; p. John & Lovicy Butler Burns)
C42O'Donnell, Bridget (McCauley)(1826)-1891stone(m. Frank O'Donnell, p. Francis O. & Anne Nancy McCauley)
?O'Donnell, Charles "Strack" -ns(1828-1895)(m. Grace Gillespie)
53O'Donnell, Charles F. 1934-1936stone(p. Frank & Helen "Nellie" McDonough O'Donnell)
6O'Donnell, Charlie Anthony -O'DONNELL stone(1874-1946)stone(p. Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Cornelius -ns(d. 1950)died at age 79, resident of East Jordan, Michigan
?O'Donnell, Daniel "Labbly" -ns(1828-1906)(m. Mary O'Donnell)
52O'Donnell, Daniel B. "Danny Barney"1863-1946stone(m. Isabelle Dougherty; p. Daniel B. & Margaret Curran O'Donnell)
38O'Donnell, Daniel E. 1916-1952stone(p. William & Bridget Burns O'Donnell)
6O'Donnell, Daniel F. -O'DONNELL stone(1856-1896)stone(m. Clara J. Larson; p. Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell)
39O'Donnell, Eleanor Mary1919-1927stone(p. William & Bridget Burns O'Donnell)
41O'Donnell, Elizabeth M.1916-2000stone(p. James & Elsie Schmidt O'Donnell)
41O'Donnell, Elsie (Schmidt)1889-1983stone(m. James D. O'Donnell; p. Joseph & Catherine Wecker Schmidt)
39O'Donnell, Francis L. "Breaky"1923-1986stone(p. William & Bridget Burns O'Donnell)
52O'Donnell, Frank1859-1935stone(p. Bernard & Margaret Curran O'Donnell)
250O'Donnell, Frank "Labbly"1870-1952stone(p. Daniel "Labbly" & Mary O'Donnell)
53O'Donnell, Frank D.1894-1973stoneobit(m. Nellie Vesty McDonough, p. Dan & Isabelle Dougherty O'Donnell)
C11O'Donnell, Frank -stone reads F.O.D.(1823-?)stone(p. Anthony & Nora Gallagher O'Donnell, brother of Bernard)
?O'Donnell, Grace -ns(d. 1893)(p. John & Bridget Boyle O'Donnell) died at age 23, native of Beaver Island
?O'Donnell, Hannah -ns(d. 1878)died at age 57, native of Co. Donegal, Ireland
52O'Donnell, Isabelle (Dougherty)1866-1944stone(m. Daniel B. O'Donnell; p. William & Mary Boyd Dougherty)
?O'Donnell, James -ns(d. 1933)died at age 80+ in Kalamazoo State Hospital
52O'Donnell, James "Tatch"1871-1959stone(p. Bernard & Margaret Curran O'Donnell)
41O'Donnell, James H. 1885-1965stone(m. Elsie Schmidt; p. Daniel B & Isabelle Dougherty O'Donnell)
254O'Donnell, Janet aka Teresa Janet (Gallagher)1934-2014stoneobit(m. Richard D. O'Donnell; p. James & Bridget "Teresa" Boyle Gallagher)
?O'Donnell, John "Johnny the Rat" -ns(1825-1893)(p. Michael & Bridget Gallagher O'Donnell)
C61O'Donnell, John M.1816-1905stone(m. Bridget Boyle, p. Hugh & Rose O'Donnell)
16O'Donnell, Joseph "Joe Mahone" -ns(1861-1927)(p. John M. & Bridget O'Donnell; brother of Mike "Mahone")
5O'Donnell, Joseph Anthony1869-1926stone(m. Annie Gallagher; p. Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell)
41O'Donnell, Kleofa "Kay" (Danisevich)1917-2004stoneobit(m. Bernard O'Donnell; p. Leo & Elizabeth Kovas Danisevich)
C18O'Donnell, Margaret (Curran) -M.D. footstone(1839)-1883stone(m. Bernard O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Mary aka Grace Margaret -ns(1901-1901)(p. Michael & Mary McCormick O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Mary (O'Donnell) -ns(1835-1920)(m. Daniel "Labbly" O'Donnell, p. Mike & Bridget McCauley O'Donnell)
106O'Donnell, Mary Ann (Maloney)1870-1945stone(m. Peter Anthony O'Donnell; p. Patrick & Mary O'Malley Maloney)
106O'Donnell, May -aka Sophia1896-1926stone(p. Peter Anthony & Mary Ann Maloney O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Michael "Darkey Mike" -ns(1842-1910)(m. Nancy/Anna "NanJog" Gallagher; p. Anthony & Nora Gallagher O'Donnell
C60O'Donnell, Michael F.1847-1919stone(m. Margaret Gibson; p. Michael & Susan Sweeny O'Donnell)
53O'Donnell, Nellie "Vesty" (McDonough)1904-1992stone(m. Frank O'Donnell; p. Sylvester Vesty & Mary Connaghan McDonough)
?O'Donnell, Nora -ns(d. 1893)died at age 95, native of Arranmore Island, Donegal Co., Ireland
?O'Donnell, Patrick B. -ns(1862-1895)(p. Barney & Margaret Curran O'Donnell)
C42O'Donnell, Patrick F. (1860)-1891stone(p. Frank & Bridget McCauley O'Donnell)
106O'Donnell, Peter Anthony1859-1912stone(m. Mary Ann Maloney O'Donnell; p. Anthony & Sophia O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Peter Ignatius aka Francis? -ns(1917-1917)(p. Frank & Mary Burns O'Donnell)
254O'Donnell, Ronald S.1933-1970stone(m. Kay Tighe; p. Frank & Helen McDonough O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, Sophia (O'Donnell) -ns(1828-1902)(m. Anthony O'Donnell, p. Michael & Bridget Gallagher O'Donnell)
C18O'Donnell, Thomas -footstone T.O.D.(1873-1876)stone(p. Bernard & Margaret Curran O'Donnell)
?O'Donnell, William D. -ns(d. 1945)died at age 77
39O'Donnell, William "Woodchopper"1886-1956stoneobit(m. Bridget Burns; p. Daniel Barney & Isabelle Dougherty O'Donnell)
?Onenegans, Mary -ns(d. 1909)died at age 78
?Osterberg, Catherine -ns(1889-1890)(p. Adolf & Cecily Gallagher Osterberg)
163Overmeyer, Raymunda (McDonald)1908-1966stoneobit(m. Harold Overmeyer; p. Donald Raymond & Nellie Roddy McDonald)
?Palmer, Baby -ns(d. 1939)(p. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Palmer) born and died in Charlevoix Hospital
170Palmer LaVance, Elizabeth Grace1940-1985stone(p. Clarence & Lorraine Boyle Palmer)
181Palmer, Clarence G.1902-1976stone(m. Lorraine H. Boyle)
182Palmer, Edward1946-2021stoneobit(m. Mary T. Gillespie, p. Clarence & Lorraine Boyle Palmer)
181Palmer, H. Lorraine (Boyle)1914-1995stone(m. Clarence G. Palmer; p. William "Brutz" & Elizabeth O'Connor Boyle)
181Palmer, Julius A.1900-1980stone(brother of Clarence G. Palmer)
170Palmer, Perry J. "Budger"1933-2010stoneobit(p. Clarence & Lorraine Boyle Palmer)
171Palmer, Robert C.1943-2004stoneobit(m. Pamela E. Martin; p. Clarence & Lorraine Boyle Palmer)
170Palmer, Russell Eugene1935-2011stoneobit(p. Clarence & Lorraine Boyle Palmer)
181Palmer, Virginia Irene1931-2019stoneobit(p. Clarence & Lorraine Boyle Palmer)
35Perdue, Michael F. -ns(1977-2021)(m. Christie Heller, p. Steve & Jane Perdue)
?Perron, Charles -ns(1919-1919)(p. Charles & Annie Christian Perron)
141Perron, Charles Jr.1870-1922stone(m. Annie Christian; father of Mabel Perron Gillespie & Adele Perron Vezeau)
?Perron, Delphius Wilfred -ns(1915-1915)(p. Charles & Annie Christian Perron)
?Perron, Edward -ns(1899-1918)(p. Charles & Annie Christian Perron)
?Perron, Eva aka Mary Anna -ns(1912-1914)(p. Charles & Annie Christian Perron)
?Perron, Madie -ns(1911-1912)(p. Charles & Annie Christian Perron)
2Perry, Eileen (Hallahan)1938-2010stoneobit(m. Ronald Perry, p. John & Ruth Schuenemann Hallahan)
148Peternard, John1907-1976stone(m. Sarah "Sadie" Gallagher McDonough Peternard)
148Peternard, John W.1948-2018stoneobit(m. Grace; p. John and Sara Gallagher McDonough Peternard)
148Peternard, Sarah/Sadie (Gallagher) McDonough1913-1992stone(m. Bruce McDonough & John Peternard; p. Willliam John & Mary Duffy Gallagher)
242Pike, Francis Edward -ns(1947 - 2022)obit(m. Marijean Dutmers; p. John D. & Helen LaFreniere Pike)
242Pike, Helen M. (LaFreniere) 1916-2017stoneobit(m. John D. Pike, p. Nels & Sophia Boyle LaFreniere)
242Pike, John D.1915-1976stone(m. Helen M. LaFreniere; p. George & Helen Pike)
221Pike, Mary -ns(p. John & Helen LaFreniere Pike)
93Pischner, Alice M. (Gallagher)(1913-1988)stone(m. Charles Pischner; p. Neil & Mamie Gallagher)
93Pischner, Charles(1913-1986)stone(m. Alice Gallagher; p. Herman & Helen Irene Allers Pischner)
93Pischner, John C. "Jack" -ns(1944-2009)(p. Charles R. & Alice Gallagher Pischner)
40Pischner, Robert A.1944-1997stone(p. Elston G. & Lovicy O'Donnell Pischner)
?Plant, Charles -ns(d. 1880)(p. Michael & Mary Plant) died at age 30, native of Mackinac, Michigan
?Plant, Jane -ns(d. 1868)born in Mackinac, Michigan
A29Popke, David A. 1955-2019stoneobit(m. Lita Masini)
C102Proctor, Bridget (Boyle) (1866-1887)stone(m. John "Jack" Proctor, p. Hugh T. & Hannah Rodgers Boyle)
253Provancher, Freda (Beryander)1893-1985stone(m. Roy L. Provancher)
253Provancher, Roy L.1882-1971stone(m. Freda Beryander, daughter Mrs. Virginia Rountree)
56Ranger, John J.1924-1970stone(m. Mary Margaret Donegan; p. John & Arietta Hutton Ranger)
56Ranger, Keith J.1946-2011stoneobit(p. John & Mary Margaret Donegan Ranger)
56Ranger, Mary Margaret (Donegan)1922-1994stone(m. John J. Ranger; p. John & Mary Margaret Donegan)
262Rice, Vincent K.1987-2017stone(p. Bonnie M. Cull Rice)
?Richardson, Catherine (Hamrock) -ns(1889-1931)(m. Oscar "Shorty" Richardson, p. James & Mary Boyle Hamrock)
163Ricksgers, Anna M. (Sendenburgh)1924-2014stoneobit(m. Francis Ricksgers; p. Henry & Bridget "Bid" Sendenburgh Ricksgers)
75Ricksgers, Bridget (Gallagher)1882-1959stone(m William Ricksgers; p. James & Anna Early Gallagher)
62Ricksgers, Elizabeth (Schmidt)1852-1920stone(m. Henry Ricksgers, p. Fred Schmidt)
73Ricksgers, Florence M. (Malooley) - RICKSGERS stone(1910-1994)stone(m. George J. Ricksgers; p. William & Florence Nicholson Malooley)
163Ricksgers, Francis G.1919-2011stoneobit(m. Anna M Sendenburgh; p. Wiliam & Bridget Gallagher Ricksgers)
73Ricksgers, George J. -RICKSGERS stone(1898-1976)stone(m. Otilia Schmidt & Florence Malooley; p. Henry & Elizabeth Schmidt)
64Ricksgers, Helen S. (McDonough)1900-1933stone(m. John Ricksgers; p. Pat Vesty & Ellen O'Donnell McDonough)
62Ricksgers, Henry1849-1930stone(m. Elizabeth Schmidt)
75Ricksgers, James H.1913-1978stone(p. William & Bridget Gallagher Ricksgers)
64Ricksgers, John1893-1959stone(m. Helen/Ellen McDonough; p. Henry & Elizabeth Schmidt Ricksgers)
64Ricksgers, John A.1925-1946stone(p. John & Helen McDonough Ricksgers)
?Ricksgers, Joseph -ns(1940-1940)(p. George & Otilia Schmidt Ricksgers) died at birth along with mother
75Ricksgers, Joseph W.1917-1982stone(p. William & Bridget Gallagher Ricksgers)
73Ricksgers, Katherine1928-2017stoneobit(p. George & Otilia Schmidt Ricksgers)
73Ricksgers, Otilia (Schmidt)1903-1940stone(m. George J. Ricksgers; p. Joseph & Catherine Wecker Schmidt)
64Ricksgers, Roger -ns(1927-1994)(m. Mary Bonczkowski; p. John & Helen "Sophia" McDonough Ricksgers)
75Ricksgers, William1878-1966stone (m. Bridget Gallagher; p. Henry & Elizabeth Schmidt Ricksgers)
257Ries, Helen G.1919-2009stone(m. Richard G Ries)
257Ries, Richard G.1916-2017stoneobit(m. Helen G Ries)
C52Roddy, Andrew -RODDY stone1833-1897stone(m. Catherine McBride; p. Patrick & Kate Bonner Roddy)
C52Roddy, Catherine (McBride)1839-1912stone(m. Andrew Roddy; p. John McBride)
27Roddy, Daniel -ns(1900-1929)(p. Tim & Nellie McCauley Roddy)
164Roddy, Francis1869-1948stone(p. Andrew & Catherine McBride Roddy)
27Roddy, Nellie (McCauley) -RODDY stone(1868-1928)stone(m. Tim Roddy; p. Dan & Bridget Correy McCauley)
27Roddy, Tim -RODDY stone(1868-1924)stone(m. Nellie McCauley; p. Andrew & Catherine McBride Roddy)
253Rountree, Lingard T. "Lin"1882-1969stoneobit(m. Virginia Provancher, son-in-law to Roy & Freda Provencher)
?Roushorn, Mabel -ns(1916-1916)(p. Wesley & Nellie Connaghan Roushorn)
102Rousseau, Grace E. (Bonner)(1901)-1995stone(p. Thomas J & Ellen Gallagher Bonner)
219Rudolph, Harold Ray "Hoot"1939-2023stonex(m. Judy Ann Goodwin)
219Rudolph, Judy Ann (Goodwin)1940-1987stone(m. Harold Ray "Hoot" Rudolph, p. Jay & Mildred Keeney Rudolph)
112Runberg, Carol Ann (Stasinksi)1964-2023obit(m. John Scott Runbert; p. Edward & Marjorie (Wachowiak) Stasinski
112Runberg, John Scott1963-2022obit(m. Carol Ann Stasinski, p. John V. & Joyce A. Carson Runberg)
113Runberg, John V. (1929-2020)stoneobit(m. Joyce A. Carson; p. Vernon & Marguerite McCann Runberg)
113Runberg, Joyce A. (Carson) (1933-2020)stoneobit(m. John V. Runberg; p. Robert & Delia Gauthiere Carson)
113Runberg, Marguerite C. (McCann)1903-1989stone(m. Vernon E. Runberg; p. John & Grace Martin McCann)
41Ryan, Sandra M. (Hooker)1958-1995stone(m. James Ryan, p. Leroy & Patricia M O'Donnell Hooker)
?Sam, Gerald -ns(1949-1949)(p. Sam Meangwe & Catherine Wasagesic)
C90Scamehorn, Sharon Elizabeth (Malloy)1940-2018stoneobit(m. Dale H. Scamehorn; p. Austin Hugh & Ivy "Leona" Haines Malloy)
136Schebrat, Mae/Mary G. (Gallagher)1891-1952stone(p. Willie John "Bowery" & Margaret Boyle Gallagher)
?Scheid, Bridget (McCauley) -ns(1863-1915)(p. Daniel & Bridget McCauley)
?Schenoden, Louis -ns(d. 1917)(p. John & Mary Schenoden) died at age 68
60Schmidt, Albert -ns(1910-1910)(p. Joseph & Katherine Wecker Schmidt)
212Schmidt, Ann M. (Wojan)(1961-2019)stoneobit(m. Brian Schmidt; p. Walter & Vera McDonough Wojan)
19Schmidt, Annie (Gallagher) 1889-1936stone(m. Joe O'Donnell & Joe Schmidt; p. Patrick & Bridget Boyle Gallagher)
72Schmidt, Clara M. (Burke)1908-1970stone(m. William E. Schmidt; p. Thomas & Mamie Gallagher Burke)
72Schmidt, Clara R. (Genia)1939-1999stone(m. Joseph T. Schmidt)
60Schmidt, Dorothy -ns(1898-1903)(p. Joseph & Katherine Wecker Schmidt)
19Schmidt, Joseph Jr.1893-1969stone(m. Annie Gallagher; p. Joseph & Katherine Wecker Schmidt)
61Schmidt, Joseph Sr.1860-1929stone(m. Katherine Wecker)
72Schmidt, Joseph T. "Tommy"1929-1999stone(m. Clara R. Genia; p. William & Clara Burke Schmidt)
61Schmidt, Katherine (Wecker)1868-1925stone(m. Joseph Schmidt)
72Schmidt, William E.1906-1979stone(m. Clara M. Burke; p. Joseph & Katherine Wecker Schmidt)
51Sendenburgh, baby -ns(possibly John Allen Sendenburgh; p. Fred & Susan Boyle Sendenburgh, 1910-1911)
163Sendenburgh, Bridget M. "Bid" (McDonald)1900-1971stone(m. Joe Sendenburgh; p. Donald Raymond & Nellie Roddy McDonald)
51Sendenburgh, Frederick1863-1943stone(m. Susan Boyle; p. Augustus and Marantha Gassard Sendenburgh)
?Sendenburgh, Gordon William -ns(1933-1933)(p. LeRoy Sendenburgh & ? Vertz)
?Sendenburgh, John Allen -ns(1910-1911)(p. Fred & Susan Boyle Sendenburgh)
163Sendenburgh, Joseph H. "Joe M'Fro"1901-1986stone(m. Bridget McDonald; p. Fred & Susan Boyle Sendenburgh)
51Sendenburgh, Leroy "George"1905-1969stone(p. Fred & Susan Boyle Sendenburgh)
51Sendenburgh, Susan (Boyle)1868-1957stoneobit(m. Frederick Sendenburgh; p. William "Whiskey" & Hannah Malloy Boyle)
51Sendenburgh, William S.1900-1919stone(p. Fred & Susan Boyle Sendenburgh)
?Sharkey, Owen -ns(d. 1886)(m. Margaret O'Donnell, p. John & Mary O'Donnell Sharkey) d. age 45 from Arranmore
B30Siemion, Amy L. Beaudoin1970-2011stone(p. David & Linda Kaye Taggart Beaudoin)
116Simpson, M. Sharron (Boyle)1941-1985stone(m. Neil F. Simpson; p. Jack & Bea O'Donnell Boyle)
218Siudara, Alexandrine M. (Gasiorowski)1917-2005stoneobit(m. Leonard J. Siudara)
218Siudara, Leonard J. "Doc"1913-2007stoneobit(m. Alexandrine Gasiorowski)
218Siudara, Patricia M.1942-1976stone(p. Leonard & Alexandrine Siudara)
251Slater, Kenneth L.1942-2017stone(m. Loretta J. LaFreniere; Guy & Beattrice Slater)
141Smallwood, Audrey I. (Gatliff)1937-2014stoneobit(m. Tom Smallwood; p. Thomas C. & Mary Pat McDonough Gatliff)
141Smallwood, Thomas M.1939-1989stone(m. Audrey Gatliff)
?Smeltzer, Mrs. Kate -ns(d. 1918)
?Smith, Anna -ns(d. 1910)died at age 4
158Smith, Diane S. (Kenwabikise) -ns(1958-2022)obit(m. Steven "Sonic" Smith, p. Paul & Isabelle Wabanimkee Kenwabikise)
?Smith, Dora -ns(d. 1903)died at age 5
124Smith, Harold 1930-2018stoneobit(m. Rosemary Nackerman; p. Harold R. & Jean Ziegler Smith)
?Smith, Joseph -ns(1837-1903)(m. Mary O'Brien, p. Joseph & Adeline Miller Smith)
56Smith, Leo M.1944-2016stoneobit(m. Susan Ranger)
164Smith, Mary E. (McDonald)1906-1977stone(m. Vane Smith; p. Donald "Raymond" & Nellie Roddy McDonald)
?Smith, Mary Ann (O'Brien) -ns(1837-1931)(m. Joseph Smith, p. Edward & Rosalie DeBraie/O'Brien)
124Smith, Rosemary (Nackerman)1934-(2022)stone(m. Harold Smith, p. Frank & Grace Campbell Nackerman)
124Smith, Sandra L.1957-1972stoneobit(p. Harold & Rosemary Nackerman Smith)
95Soderholm, Catherine J. (McCafferty)1959-2009stone(m. Robert Soderholm; p. Don & Rosalyn Gall McCafferty)
272Sowa, Gerald R.1936-2006stoneobit(m. Shirley White; p. Leo & Mary Ropotor Sowa)
272Sowa, Shirley (White)1935-(2021)stoneobit(m. Gerald Sowa; p. John Clifford & Catherine T. O'Donnell White)
C88Stephens, Elizabeth M. (Maloney)1914-2012stoneobit(m. John H. Stephens; p. John & Elizabeth Barrett Maloney)
C88Stephens, John H. 1912-2014stoneobit(m. Elizabeth M. Maloney)
125Stevens, Jennie E. (Ward) - ns(1857-1920)(m. George A. Stevens, p. William Ward)
?Stevenson, James -ns(d. 1904)died at age 47
B18Taylor, Glenn1918-2009stone(m. Maxine)
B18Taylor, Maxine1922-2002stone(m. Glenn Taylor)
210Teter, Charles L.1906-1992stone(m. Marguerite McDonough; p. Lucius Teter)
210Teter, Marguerite M. (McDonough)1911-2005stoneobit(m. Charles Teter; p. Sylvester and Mary Connaghan McDonough)
?Thes, Mary -ns(d. 1868)died at age 38, born in Belgium
A3Thrush, Lea M. (Feck)1942-2017stoneobit(sister of Joe Moore; p. Harold & Clara Wilkins Feck)
122Verduyn, Kevin(d. 2021)(p. Richard & Ellen Nackerman Verduyn)
174Vezeau, Adele (Perron) VEZEAU stone(1854-1939)stone(m. Frank Vezeau, p. Charles Perron)
174Vezeau, Frank -VEZEAU stone(?-1923)stone(m. Adele Perron)
?Vincent, John -ns(1846-1909)died at age 62
163Vories, Erma (McDonald)1901-1966stoneobit(p. Donald Raymond & Ellen "Nellie" Roddy McDonald)
246Vreeland, Eugenia A. "Genie" (Setsma)1923-2013stoneobit(m. Harold "Bucky" Vreeland, p. Andrew & Anna Geldersma Setsma)
246Vreeland, Harold W. "Bucky"1921-2005stoneobit(m. Genie Setsma; p. Basil & Mary Emma Vreeland)
?Wabakise, John -ns(1856-1905)
?Wabanimkee, Bennett -ns(1916-1916)(p. Simon & Nancy Cornstalk Wabinimkee)
159Wabanimkee, Charles J. "Scott"1921-1982stone(p. Simon & Nancy Cornstalk Wabanimkee)
?Wabanimkee, John -ns(1905-1908)(p. John & Angeline Wabanimkee)
?Wabanimkee, Levi -ns(1912-1931)(p. Sam Wabinimkee) died at age 19
159Wabanimkee, Nancy (Cornstalk) -ns (1890-1961)(m. Simon Cornstalk)
?Wabanimkee, Moses -ns(1838-1939)(p. Julius & Mary McKenna Wabanimkee)
?Wabanimkee, Tess -ns(d. 1906)died at age 70
97Wachter, James - ns(1846-1914)(m. Justine LaBlanc; p. Charles & Marie Farlinger Wachter; father of Wm. Wachter)
97Wachter, Liola (Vincent) - ns(1882-1915)(m. William Wachter; p. John & Josephine Metty Vincent)
?Warner, Mary -ns(d. 1887)died at age 78, native of Germany
?Washagesic, Carol Ann -ns(1948-1950)(p. Alex & Julianna Wabanimkee Washagesic)
?Washagesic, James -ns(1951-1951)(p. Alex & Julianna Wabanimkee Washagesic)
196Washagesic, Patricia A. -ns(1952-1952)(p. Alex Washagesic)
133Waskul, Christopher D. 1984-2013stone(p. Daniel & Susan Verduyn Waskul)
122Waskul, Susan L. (Verduyn)1957-2004stoneobit(m. Daniel R. Waskul; p. Richard & Ellen Nackerman Verduyn)
?Wawagesa, Moses -ns(d. 1904)died at age 101
?Wawagesig, Samuel -ns(d. 1904)died at age 87, born in Michigan
?Weber, Francis "Fannie" (Malloy) -ns(1877-1907)(p. Daniel & Mary McDonough Malloy)
?Webweskam, John "Big John" -ns(d. 1909)died at age 78
131Welke, Betty J. (Culter)1928-2008stoneobit(m. William P. Welke; p. Lee & Pauline Schweigel Culter)
B10Welke, Esther "Sue" (Schulte)(1936-2022)(m. Robert A. Welke, p. James & Elizabeth Kiley Schulte)
B10Welke, Robert A. 1934-2016stoneobit(m. E. Sue Schulte; p. William & Elizabeth Oberle Welke)
131Welke, William P.1922-2002stoneobit(m. Betty Culter; p. William & Elizabeth Oberle Welke)
271White, Catherine (O'Donnell)1912-1992stone (m. John Clifford White, p. James & Elsie Schmidt O'Donnell)
?White, Cecelia (Gallagher) -ns(1906-1933)(m. Erwin "Jack" White, p. Peter & Nora Gallagher)
273White, James R.1933-2012stone (p. John Clifford & Catherine O'Donnell White)
271White, John C. "Clifford"1909-1986stone(m. Catherine O'Donnell; p. Henry J. & Anna McCauley White)
273White, John Clayton1932-1998stone(m. Nancy Berglund; p. John Clifford & Catherine O'Donnell White)
273White, Nancy (Berglund) 1932-2019stoneobit(m. John Clayton White; p. Roy & Gwendolyn Berglund))
8White, Raymond C. "Bud"1910-1976stone(p. Henry J. & Anna McCauley White)
?Williams, William T. -ns(1888-1889)(p. Charles & Ann Gallagher Williams)
9Wojan, Carolyn -ns(1948-1948)(p. Walter & Vera McDonough Wojan)
212Wojan, Vera M. (McDonough)1927-1980stone(m. Walter Wojan; p. Lloyd & Eva LaFreniere McDonough)
130Wood, Chad1966-2015stoneobit(p. Glenn L. & Rita Kathleen Gatliff Wood)
130Wood, Glenn L.1934-2008stoneobit(m. Rita Kathleen Gatliff; p. Elmer & Leora Stephens Wood)
96Zajakowski, Rosemary (McDonough)1938-2020stoneobit(m. Claude Zajakowski; Bertrand & Mary "Turner" Boyle McDonough)
140Zanella, John A. Jr.1943-2004stoneobit(m. Gwen Dowline/Ann Bomers; p. John & Virginia Young Zanella)
130Zank, Anna M. "Marge" (Gatliff)1931-1997stone(m. Thomas Zank; p. Tom & Mary Pat McDonough Gatliff)
130Zank, Thomas E. 1930-1995stone(m. Anna Margaret "Marge" Gatliff)
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